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Troubled Waters

An interesting email from Concerned Citizens of Western Montana (the right-wing group from the Flathead opposing rights to water for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes) was accidentally disseminated today.  The email was sent by Terry Backs, titular head of the organization, to Kate Vandemoer a birther blogger who…


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Noted Birther Wins First Prize for “Best Editorials”

This is not a joke. The Montana Newspaper Association has awarded Frank Miele, the top editor at the Flathead Daily Inter Lake and a frequent contributor of arch-conservative birther editorials which he pens under his own name, first place in the “Best Editorials” category. Meile…

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The leader of a local right-wing group claims in a podcast that gay people are not the targets of violence and that actual cases of anti-gay violence don’t exist. Pointing to one case of a young adult in Missoula who made up the story of being attacked…

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Schweitzer Jumps into Presidential Race

The Governor of Montana had choice words for Mitt Romney today, saying that while he will probably win Montana, he will suffer in states where Latino votes are required for victory. Schweitzer also made a somewhat unusual point: that Romney, who has degraded and insulted…

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Right-Wing Bores

Conservatives have trouble laughing at themselves, even when something is funny. It makes sense, I guess. When your entire emotional and intellectual existence consists of being angry and hateful and racist, it’s probably hard to have a sense of humor, especially when a black man…