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Cyndi Baker (with polyester "torch") at a TEA Party rally of some sort.

Great Falls TEA Partier Caught Trying to Deceive Voters

The Montana Commissioner of Political Practices has issue a decision against a TEA Party nutjub who trying to get on the Great Falls school board and is campaigning against a mill levy in hopes of defunding public school classrooms. The decision, issued yesterday, explains how…


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The Foul 57

Republican candidates across the county have tried to distance themselves from Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., who believes that rape victims should be forced to give birth and said that victims of “legitimate rape” rarely get pregnant because “the female body has ways to try to shut that…



Cue the Circus Music

The State Republican Party sent its team of stalwarts to Tampa for the national convention this week. Among the delegates are veritable treasure trove of politicians who have dabbled in — or fully embraced — the wacky views, hypocrisy, and nutty ideas of the 2011 legislature.  If you…


Jon Arnold is running for legislature

We’ve Got a Screamer

Anti-intelligence candidate Jon Arnold has filed for office on the Republican ticket.  He says he wants voters to send him “kicking and screaming” to Helena.  I will go kicking and screaming into Helena, pushing our leaders to try to take back our powers that have…


hypocrisy meter

The Montana TEA Party Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes To…

Great Falls City Commission candidate Cyndi Baker, who campaigned against school district spending, then turned around and sought a district paycheck. But it’s worse then that, as the Great Falls Tribune reports, Baker tried to threaten the local government for taxpayer funded payola in the…