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Colbert Lampoons Anti Family Services Crowd

How awful is the rash of anti-woman fervour we’re seeing lately over our health care.

First there was the TEA Party Republican Legislature, who tried to eliminate all funding for breast and cervical cancer testing in the state.  Then there was the Ravalli County Commission, who tried to prevent women in Ravalli County from receiving the health care benefits.

Thankfully, after an outpouring of public support for women’s health care, the county commissioners voted 3-2 yesterday to accept the federal funding, the Missoulian reported, and to keep the clinic doors open for another year.

Now, the anti-medical science crowd is frothing about the new no-cost birth control policy recently rolled out by Kathleen Sebelius.

Fortunately, Dr. Stephen T. Colbert of The Colbert Report has the antidote to crazy. Here’s what Dr. Colbert has to say:

Montana’s Kooky Legislators Make National Television Again

Here’s the video of Steven Colbert lampooning Montana Republican Representative Bob Wagner’s appearance on CNN ranting about the “long-form birth certificate” that Obama released yesterday.

Like Colbert says, these people won’t rest.

In fact, across the state they are launching campaigns to take over local governments: TEA Partiers are campaigning to take over the Helena school board, the board of trustees of the Flathead Valley Community College, and the Billings City Council (see the TEA Party action alert below the fold.)

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Yet Another Montana Legilsator’s Wacky Bill Featured on National TV

The latest TEA Party Republican to garner national attention for wacky legislation is Rep. Joe Read (R-Ronan) who has been busy touting his claims that Montana can legislate the laws of nature and science.

“As a citizen legislature, we are inclined to believe with the sun on our hands and our face,” he said, “and we’re not seeing the global warming.”

Enjoy this clip from the Colbert Report.

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