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Collapse of U.S. is Imminent

Republican Mike Comstock Official Facebook PhotoTEA Party Republican Mike Comstock says the outcome of the elections will be the “inevitable collapse” of the United States.

In an opinion piece in the Bozeman Chronicle this week, Comstock, who has twice run unsuccessfully for the legislature, says this collapse must happen to bring about another “Civil War” so that we can “rebuild a new nation of citizens.”

Comstock was one of a number of TEA Party Republicans who sought to deceive the voters by filing as Democratic candidates.  No one was fooled.

Comstock’s main campaign focus was concern about a possible takeover by “a one-world UN controlled government,” the Bozeman Chronicle has reported.  In his campaign literature and on Facebook, he said he was worried about the impending collapse of civilization.  He proudly calls himself “a TEA Party extremist” and believes  the Muppets have “sold out to socialism and bad behavior.”