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Jim Nelson

Guess Post: America: We’re Not that Section of the Swimming Pool

By Jim Nelson,  Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) Climate change isn’t a hoax–the Trump administration’s declaration of war on the environment, notwithstanding. Sacrificing our ecosystems on the altar of the economy is a fool’s errand grounded in denial and myopia. Homo sapiens are threatening the…


I Guess This is Real

Cross-posted with permission of author By Dan Brooks on Combat Blog The problem with electing as president a habitually lying reality TV personality is that you sort of lose track of what’s real. Even after the national embarrassment of making Donald Trump president, I didn’t…


Electoral College — You’re Fired!

By Jim Nelson,  Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.) The Electoral College (EC, for short) is one of the most undemocratic institutions to disserve our Country. For years a substantial majority of Americans has consistently, and rightly, supported the ideal that our president should be elected…


GUEST POST: Is There Money Behind the Trump-Putin Love Affair?

  A Commentary for Montana Cowgirl By Evan Barrett     As the CIA and seventeen intelligence agencies and the FBI have determined to a high level of confidence that Russia used hacking and leaking to interfere with our recent Presidential election – effectively interfering…


Putting the White in Whitefish

by Justin Robbins

I don’t intend this post to do much beyond inform and educate. I almost hesitate to use the term “educate” because it implies I may have knowledge that has been in some way denied to others. That is by no means certain.


electoral college

GUEST POST: Mr. Hamilton’s Myopia and the Electoral College

by Bill McRae, Billings

Bill is a retired college professor who came back home to Montana.  You can email him at and see more at his Facebook page, “An American Progressive.”

President of the United States.  President. of. the. United. States.  Not the “President of Southern States and Rust Belt States and Gerrymandered States and Swing States Swinging our Way.” 


Jim Nelson

GUEST POST: So What Next?

By Jim Nelson, 

Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)

I suspect that many of us are still reeling from the gut-punch of this election cycle.

But, the question that kept gnawing at me as I watched the digital maps and talking heads dance across the flat screen, was how did we, as Americans, fall so low that we have now elected to this land’s (and the world’s) highest, most powerful political office, a person who Atlantic Magazine described as the “most ostentatiously unqualified major-party candidate in the 227-year history of the American presidency.”


GUEST POST: Time for Montana to shout, “Not in our town”

by Jael Kampfe

4th Generation Montanan, retired rancher, Believer in Kindness

I remember growing up.

My grandfather, Bill Mackay Sr.’s Eisenhower Republican values wove around the dinner table connecting us like matching china.  Value local people and local control.  Serve.  Reach across the aisle.   The best legislation requires compromise.  Be kind.  Your words matter.


GUEST POST – Normalized Ignorance and Global Warming: It’s Time to Vote

by David R. Montague

Mr. Montague was raised in Billings, where he wrote a column for the Gazette for 6 years. He’s the author of two books and has written for Northern Lights Magazine which gave many now-famous writers a start, including Mark Spragg, William deBuys and Terry Tempest Williams.  He is now retired and lives in Potomac near Missoula with his wife.

In an essay about what he calls “normalized ignorance,” Professor Henry Giroux observes that “successful political campaigns are now dependent on an uninformed public.”
How accurate is his observation when it comes to the issue of climate change?


Five Super-Awkward Moments Lola Zinke Stumped for Trump

Many Republicans are fleeing the Trump campaign as fast as their legs can carry them. What we learn about Trump every day just keeps getting worse – and worse.  But a few remain, clinging to the wreckage–including Ryan Zinke and his wife Lola.

Lest you doubt that being a Trump surrogate must be one of the most humiliating jobs in the world, take a look at these recent Trump events with Lola Zinke.

At this point, one has to wonder whether this is actually helping Trump–or whether the basic human instinct to cringe on her behalf is the lasting impression we’re left with.


Montana Veteran Appears on Lawrence O’Donnell to Respond to Trump

  Josh Manning, a Montana veteran who served with Capt. Khan discusses Trump’s latest insult to  soldiers killed in action with Capt. Khan’s father on Lawrence O’Donnell last night. Manning has been an important voice for veterans in the congressional and presidential race. You’re missing out…