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Tuesday Quicktakes

On the TPP, whether Austin Knudsen has released his dress code for the 2017 legislature yet, the legislature’s use of private emails for official state business, and Standing Rock.


The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to….

….TEA Party Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen, of Culbertson, MT. Knudsen rushed out with an op-ed he hoped would prop up flat earther Greg Gianforte, who has been soundly castigated for claiming that state officials and not the federal government oversee refugee resettlement. This is false. You see, Gianforte’s understanding…


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Let Them Eat Chilean Sea Bass

It’s not easy to campaign for Governor of Montana when you haven’t lived here for 40 years. I’d gotten a tip that Neil Livingstone had begun airing TV ads, and so I went to Youtube to see what I could find.There are no Livingstone TV…