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TEA Partiers Running as Dems Become Active in Right-Wing Causes

A dirty plot hatched by the local conservatives to deceive voters and with TEA Party Republicans pretending to be Democrats has thickened.  No less than eight TEA Party conservatives have filed for office as democrats has just come to light. Now, the possible motives and potential and level of coordination of these party-switching candidates is starting to emerge: one has already appeared as a pawn in a lawsuit filed by a right-wing extremist and TEA Party candidate who is seeking to block access to federal funds to pay for health care for the working poor and Veterans in Montana.

Take fake democrat Kathy Hollenback, who appears in TEA Party republican Matthew Monforton’s lawsuit against Republican Tim Fox. Monforton has filed a flurry of lawsuits laden with right-wing ideology and buzzwords since becoming a candidate for office. He’s suing the Attorney General because Fox certified the Medicaid expansion ballot initiative as legally sufficient and wrote a fiscal statement for the initiative which explains both the cost and the savings of the measure to accept federal funds and use available federal monies coming to Montana for health care for the working poor: ranch hands, motel clerks, construction workers, and waitresses.

Monforton recruited Hollenback  to help him deceive the public into thinking he has bipartisan support his nonsense.

Screen shot 2014-04-08 at 10.29.50 PM

Hollenback’s husband is David Ponte who formerly ran for legislature on the GOP ticket in 2010.  Ponte is a tea party winger who is precinct chair of the Gallatin Republican Party.  Ponte has filed numerous complaints against democrats and mainstream Republicans whom the TEA Partiers dislike.

The other parties Monforton has recruited for his lawsuit he claims are part of an MSU group that doesn’t appear anywhere other than the pages of his twisted legal arguments.

Monforton has given his group the ridiculous sounding name “If You Like Your MSU Funding, You Can Keep It.”  The supposed “group” includes Kathy Hollenback, TEA Party candidate running as a fake democrat, Ed Johnson, an MSU student running for the Legislature as a Republican; and Kyndall Miller, daughter of Ken Miller, who lost in the GOP Gubernatorial primary against Rick Hill in 2012.

Both Ed Johnson and Hollenback are running in HD66, in the heart of Bozeman.

Monforton wrote a letter to the editor in the Bozeman Chronicle recently denigrating the elected body he himself is seeking to join as a “parliament of whores.” Rick Hill hired Bozeman Tea Party hot-head Monforton to give him legal advice.

To my knowledge, the Gallatin Republicans have’t weighed in on this deception yet, nor have they explained why Gallatin Republicans have a white supremacist on their website, Drew Turiano.


A Line in the Sand

Montana Republicans have clarified a very important piece of party doctrine this week about which there had formerly been much confusion.  Yellowstone County Republicans turned away a congressional candidate from attending their annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, clearing up once and for all what kind of behavior they consider to be racist and what they do not.

Here’s what you need to know:

When a person who is a candidate on the GOP ticket, who has no chance of being elected, makes national news for calling for another “Operation Wetback” and saying that only white people should be allowed to immigrate to the U.S., Montana Republicans will speak out against you in the press and bar you from their chicken dinner.

However, when an elected Republican official, donor, activist or leader in Montana makes a joke about how blacks like watermelon; or makes an Obama effigy on Halloween out of a pumpkin in blackface; or brings a bullet-ridden outhouse labeled “Obama Library” to the state convention’ or sells bumper stickers that say “Don’t Re-Nigg in 2012“; or calls the President a Kenyan; or wears a confederate flag, or says that the south was right during the civil war; or is a Klansman running for Congress; or is a federal judge who sends a racist email; or produces a documentary about how Obama’s secret plan is to start a race war; or distributes racist flyers about Indians; or is a county official who uses the n-word in his work emails; or choose Black History Month to send a racist flyer advertising the GOP Lincoln Day Dinner; or is a U.S. Senator and says “It’s a hell of a challenge” when asked by a constituent, “Senator Burns, how can you live back there in D.C., with all them n-words?”–this kind of thing is considered perfectly acceptable.  No criticism or denouncement is rendered and your presence is welcome.

Big Weekend in Montana Politics: Dem Dinner, and Bohlinger, Driscoll, Turiano, Arntzen enter race

It’s a big weekend for Democrats in more ways than one.  Tonight is the Mansfield Metcalf Dinner, the annual soiree at the Lewis and Clark Fairgrounds at which people drink, eat, and cheer on their favorite democratic politicians.

Make sure to look for me with my spurs and my chaps, and my donkey pin.

Tonight’s guest speaker is Cecile Richards, who is the head of Planned Parenthood of America. This is a good choice as it shows the that Democrats are becoming more comfortable in recognizing how important their stance on medical privacy really is.  And her appearance could not be more timely, coming on the heels of a horrible incident of vandalism of an abortion clinic in Montana.

Others on the list include John Walsh, our new senator, as well as Governor Steve Bullock, Senator Jon Tester, and Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen, Superintendent Denise Juneau and Secretary of State Linda McCulloch. And don’t forget the popular Ed Smith, the clerk of the Supreme Court, as well as state House and Senate Leaders Jon Sesso and Chuck Hunter. Bring your money but don’t drink too much, especially if you are giving a speech. Hopefully, we can at least be assured there will be no poetry.

Even bigger news occurred Friday, when a number of politicians entered some of the top races. John Bohlinger officially entered the race against Senator Walsh. John Driscoll, the nominee for U.S. House in 2008, filed to run in the Democratic House primary against John Lewis. And Drew Turiano, a white supremacist, has filed to run in the House Race as well (the GOP always tries to have at least one white supremacist on the ballot). And Elsie Arntzen made her candidacy official, too. She presents a stark contrast to the other candidates in this crowded primary (and most other GOP primaries), and was immediately endorsed by Rick Hill.

The Bohlinger deal is interesting since he had given indications, around the time Walsh was appointed Senator, that he would bow out. But now he’s in it for certain. The 77-year-old Republican turned Democrat is a former Lt. Governor, former clothing merchant from Billings and former Marine boxer, and is well known among voters and has a freewheeling style and says what’s on his mind, contrasting to the more measured Walsh. Bohlinger has not raised much money and Walsh has raised a good clip (half a million or more), but that stuff matters only when the money is spent. We shall see how and when (or if) the Walsh campaign chooses to spend some of its war chest in the primary against Bohlinger. Bohlinger, meanwhile, is trying to fashion himself as a progressive, outsider alternative to Walsh. He says Walsh was anointed by Harry Reid and others in Washington.

By the way, word on the street is that Bohlinger has been denied a speaking spot on the program tonight. That would be okay, I suppose, if the rule were that only incumbents or unopposed candidates got to speak. But that’s not the case. We will see if Bohlinger causes a fuss (or even attends). We might even be lucky enough to hear from his and outspoken political advisor on the subject. I can’t wait. Dirk Adams, by the way, is also not listed on the program.

Nor is Driscoll, the new House candidate. But that is definitely a good thing because he is the Democratic equivalent of a Tea Party imbecile (if such a thing could even be said to exist). He has said that he plans to run for office without raising any money. We’ll see how that works out for him. Driscoll also claims the odd distinction of being the only Democrat in Montana history (so far as I can tell) to win a nomination and then immediately endorse his Republican opponent.  As the Democrat nominee in 2010 he endorsed Rehberg. That’s reason enough not to listen to anything he has to say and to let your Democratic friends know that Driscoll is simply a fraud.

You can buy a ticket at the door, and don’t miss it: 6-9 P.M.  Eat, drink and be merry, and cheer on (and donate to) our candidates. And if at any time during the festivities it gets slow or boring, just remind yourself what the Republican dinner must be like.

Congressional Candidate Would Deny Vote to Legal Immigrants, Abolish Public Education

Drew Turiano

Turiano Says “the Great Unwashed” Need Conservatism; Worries that “White America” Will Be “Exterminated”

If Montana’s GOP congressional primary is to be a race to the right, then a winner has now emerged.  Enter Drew Turiano, a TEA Party candidate who has previously campaigned for Governor and Secretary of state in Montana on the Republican ticket.

Turiano apparently believes that the ideas he espouses need no longer be confined to white supremacy websites, he wants them engraved into federal law.

On his website, Turiano writes that what Montana and America need most is to completely outlaw all immigration any kind completely.  He would repeal the 1965 Immigration Act because it “was always destined to devastate the Conservative way of life in Montana and America by forcing a Third World majority upon our nation that would soon give the Communist sympathizing Bill Ayers left-wing permanent control of America.”

Turiano calls not only for an end to all legal immigration, he also wants to deport children who were born here legally and have birthright citizenship, and deny the right to vote to all legal immigrants who have ever received any government assistance.

He complains that within 20 years, the U.S. will no longer be mostly white but instead have a “Third World majority.” He worries that this country “become like South Africa in 50 years or less” and that “white America” will be “exterminated.” [screenshot]

He says that because of America’s “changing demographics” that everything we hold dear “is on the threshold to total obliteration–including everything from conservatism, to Christianity the constitution to “capitalism etc.”[Screenshots here 1 2 3 4 5 6].

In Turiano’s campaign he announcement reveals that he is a birther when he tells us that conservatives “only need to look at Joe Arpaio’s report pertaining to Obama’s birth certificate” a birther screed.  He’s also quick to point out that conservatism isn’t just what’s best for the real estate investment class like himself, its best for those he calls “the great unwashed.” Screenshot.

Says Turiano:

The only way Christian, traditional and Middle America can be resurrected in our country now is for us Conservatives to destroy the nation that replaced them. [Screenshot.]

He sent out a mass mailer last election cycle saying (among other crazy things) that his problem with immigration is not only with the undocumented workers and the “many murderers, rapists, and thieves in that group.” He said in the mailer that immigrants have caused “severe damage” to our “culture, customs, neighborhoods, crime rate, English language, schools, health care system and the general economic health of America.”

Turiano considers notorious racist Pat Buchanan to be one of his “political icons”  and was lambasted on Huffington post just a few weeks ago after he told local television station KXLH that he thinks “America needs another Operation Wetback.”

Turiano seems unaware, or unconcerned that, as HuffPo points out, “Many Latinos would also likely take exception to naming a deportation program “wetback,” a derogatory term used primarily to refer to Mexicans.”

He is pro-nullification, favors forced birth for rape victims and his views on education are beyond the pale:  Turiano would abolish public education entirely.

Turiano apparently believes that public schools make children gay. He writes that children are “manipulated into the homosexual lifestyle by that same school system in our country that seems to promote homosexuality every day.”

He says “medical statistics show that most of them will have their bodies ravaged by venereal diseases that will end their lives prematurely” and that this children’s “souls will enter hell for an eternity – for trillions and trillions of years.” [Screenshots 1 2 3 4]

He’s got so many incredible positions that his post has only just scratched the surface, so go read the rest of his views- there are enough wacky beliefs to fill many national news stories and blog posts. Not to be missed are his views on evolution [screenshot], and the argument he seems to believe proves that the earth is only 6000 years old. [screenshot]

When it comes to experience, Turiano doesn’t have much.  He touts his work as a volunteer for Conrad Burns in 2006.  He also openly admits he served as Communications Director for former Montana House Majority Leader Mike Lange–yes, the same Mike Lange that made national news after an angry, expletive filled tirade aimed at Governor Brian Schweitzer was captured by a television reporter. That’s not really something most people would include willingly on a resume.

Turiano lists his profession as real estate investor in Helena.

So this is the kind of frightening person inspired to run for Congress on the GOP ticket today, even though more people like this is the last thing America needs in Congress, or anywhere.

The Crackpot Pledge

The Flathead Memo is reporting on a crackpot TEA Party end-of-the world pledge that has actually been signed by four candidates running for statewide office of the Republican ticket.

Signers include Derek Skees, Republican for State Auditor who proudly wore a Confederate flag emblazoned on his jacket during the Whitefish Memorial Day parade. Skees is running against the current office holder Monica Lindeen (D), who is seeking a second term. Drew Turiano, Republican for Secretary of State also signed. Turiano is the guy who sent out a mailer advocating that the U.S. turn away all immigrants, whether they had legal documents or no. Turiano is running against current Secretary of State Linda McCulloch (D).

The crackpots apparently even got a Republican Gubernatorial candidate and his running mate in the Montana legislature  to sign.

Among other things, the Republicans pledged to “defend state sovereignty” and to  “oppose, or modify to eliminate, or negate, every Federal law, regulation, or bureaucracy.”  Presumably this means every Federal law that, as hopeful state elected officials, they oppose and claim was wrongfully enacted. Probably the Civil Rights Act is on the list.

Anyway, James Conner at the Flathead Memo has the full story and explains what’s in the pledge.  It’s today’s must read political blog post.

Worst Political Christmas Card of the Season

There are still a few hours to go until we reach the 2012 horizon, so there is still plenty of time for some GOP candidate antics.  They would have to register high on the wackjob scale, however, to top this.

Suffice it to say, it’s been a pretty embarrassing year for Neil Livingstone and Ryan Zinke.  However, they have managed to squeeze this last humiliation in before the New Year.

This is certainly the weirdest holiday card I’ve ever seen from…well…anyone.  What says “Merry Christmas” less than Livingstone and Zinke in a sleigh with Zinke brandishing a scope sighted M-16, a dead wolf on the front of the sleigh, drone wings, hidden pistols, and an unintentional homage to Obama–a crossed out face of Osama bin Laden. And don’t forget the bag of extractive-industry-only jobs and the PhD certificates.

This is one oddball message to wrap up into a Christmas card and send to the electorate.  Presumably, the “strategy” behind this is to show that these guys ARE TOO! nutty enough to compete with Drew Turiano and Chuck Baldwin. A larger version can be seen here.


No Date Yet for Rick Hill

I’m hearing that GOP front runner Rick Hill is striking out–left, right and center– in his search for a running-mate.

Word is that several notables have turned him down, perhaps worried about his baggage (meaning, his winkie getting dipped and sipped, at the sip and dip).

It’s unusual to see a guy leading so strongly in fundraising and yet having trouble finding a date to the dance.

Then again, its not like he’s got any urgency in the matter.  The eight dwarfs– meaning Essmann, Miller, Fanning, Livingstone, Turiano, Lynch, Stapleton, and whoever the eighth guy is-are not presenting much of a threat.

But if you ever have the opportunity to hang out in GOP circles (incognito, in my case) you will invariably hear a refrain that goes something like this: “Hill is not the right guy,” says the local GOP person, with his nose a little bit crinkled and a slight squint to his eyes. You hear it over and over again.

Which is all good news for Steve Bullock.

GOP Gubernatorial Race Update: Hill Still the Big Favorite

The Montana GOP Candidates for Governor 2012

Rick Hill is still leading strongly in the nine-way GOP race for governor, according to a Public Policy Polling survey conducted this past week.

Hill polls highest among those who describe themselves as liberal or somewhat liberal, but that goes down to 31% with very conservative voters.  Hill’s lead is unsurprising, given that no other candidate has any name ID– nor have they shown an interest in going after the front runner, nor even in trying to take some risks and attract attention to themselves.  The percentage of voters who answered they’d like “someone else or undecided” is similar to or greater than the number supporting Hill among the full range of GOP voters polled. This is further indication that most people haven’t heard of any of these guys yet and that being a state legislator means jack in terms of name recognition.

The one wild card was Neil Livingstone, who is now known mainly as having been Muammar Qaddafi’s lobbyist. For a few million bucks worth of TV ads, Livingstone could have make up the deficit against Hill and probably surpassed him. But word on the street is that he is closing up shop and getting out of the race, his campaign having all but derailed. Perhaps he doesn’t have the cash, or else why would he have tried prostituting himself to Qaddafi for the big payday, in the middle of a governor’s race?

The rest of the field is a bunch of yahoos. Stapleton has raised a decent clip of cash but will not have nearly enough to close the gap. Essmann has spent all his money on munchies for campaign events; Ken Miller has a comb-over.  The full results of the poll can be seen here.

Looking beyond the primary to the general contest, the Washington, D.C. based Politico has, for the third month in a row, declared Attorney General Steve Bullock as the “winner” of the moment– giving him that distinction every month since he joined the race.  The the political news source has ranked the Montana gubernatorial contest as one of the top races in the nation.

Farther, Faster, Racistier

Drew TurianoHow many times have you heard Republicans hold up their hands and say “Hey, we have no problem with minorities, we are against illegal immigrants.”

This may be true for some conservatives, but others use it to mask their true anti-immigrant – legal or not – views. That has become even clearer now the TEA Party arrived on the scene–its members proudly wearing the confederate flag in public ceremonies and urging white flighters to make Montana home.  This kind of thing has inspired conservatives to take off their masks and show their true faces. It ain’t a pretty site.

Meet Drew Turiano, “TEA Party Conservative Republican” candidate for Governor in the Montana Republican Primary.

Turiano apparently believes that the ideas he espouses need no longer be confined to white supremacy sites. He sent out a mass mailer this week saying (among other crazy things) that his problem is no longer only with the undocumented and the “many murderers, rapists, and thieves in that group.” Turiano urges that the target must be shifted to legal immigrants.

I can hear the GOP defending their man Turiano now, “You can’t call him a racist, he’s not saying that non-white people are bad.” No, Drew Turiano is only saying that they caused “severe damage” to our “culture, customs, neighborhoods, crime rate, English language, schools, health care system and the general economic health of America” is all.

Like Nazi candidate Shawn Stuart, Turiano proudly boasts the endorsement of the Montana Right to Life.

He’s got so many wacky positions we’ve only just tapped the surface here, so read the rest of his screed now.  He wants the message spread about him “AS FAST AS YOU CAN.”