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Slate Says Max Baucus One Top Problems for Democrats and Today’s Election

Slate magazine yesterday posted their own version of the list of problems that will handicap Democrats in today’s elections, among the top:

Max Baucus. Health care might not have happened without Sen. Max Baucus of Montana. Then again, it might have happened a lot faster. Over the course of four months in 2009, Baucus made one compromise after another—scrapping the public option, killing the employer mandate—in order to attract Republican votes that never materialized. That gave Republicans time to demagogue the bill and ate up valuable time on the congressional calendar—time that could have been used to pass legislation like immigration reform or an energy bill (which, of course, would probably have hurt Democrats, too).

It is no secret that the phenomena is having an effect in Montana too.  Montana Republicans’ number one attack on local Dems is to compare them to Democrats in Washington.  Obama and the Washington Dems have offered very little in the way of persuasive rhetoric in defense of the big ticket items like health-care, stimulus and bailout, as I’ve already written about here.

Zac Perry: Education, Community, Commitment

Guest Post by Barry B. Conger, Columbia Falls

Dear House District Three Voters:

Election day looms near. There is an awful lot of noise out there right now about national races, but in the end, what really effects our everyday lives happens a lot closer to home. Our property taxes, our children’s education, our personal rights and privileges are most often determined at a much more local level.  For those in House District #3 race for State Legislature, I ask that when you go to the polls on Nov 2nd (please vote!), please be careful when considering who can best carry your concerns and issues to our State House.

If you don’t already know him, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Zac Perry:

Zac Perry was born in House District 3, grew up in Martin City, went to Canyon Elementary and graduated from Columbia Falls High School – he was football player, a basketball player, a track runner, and still managed to graduate with a perfect 4.0, first in his class. He then took advantage of the great education he received in our small town, and secured a Bachelors degree in political science from prestigious Notre Dame University. Then he brought this education home to the Flathead Valley and to his community.

When Zac is not running the Ox Yoke Inn in Martin City, or teaching kids at Ruder and Glacier Gateway, he is working on building a safer walking/biking system for local kids to get to school, and to rebuild the Historic Red Bridge across the Flathead, and singing in the CF Community Choir, and helping with anything and everything at the Columbia Falls Farmer’s Market, and working with Canyon business leaders to improve the economic climate and extend the business season. When was the last time you saw any of the other candidates in the race participating at this level – not just showing up for public meetings seeking votes, but working behind the scenes to help our community?

The fact that Zac is the only candidate in the District 3 race with a four-year degree from a major university should be telling to folks thinking about how to vote on Nov 2nd . Having a local to represent us who has the knowledge, background, and skills that Zac does is a win for everyone.

The fact that Zac came back to his home town to work with his family running a local business should be a measure of his commitment to the community he lives in. Zac’s deep belief in this community will allow Zac to translate the concerns of all of his constituents into reasonable and effective legislative action.

Zac also works as an educator for School District Six, which should tell you a lot about his strong commitment to education. If you value a quality education for your children, and recognize its benefit  to the entire community,  you need Zac in Helena.

Why are these things important? Because representation of Columbia Falls, Martin City, Hungry Horse, Polebridge, West Glacier, and all the other communities  in the district is personal. We send legislators to Helena to represent OUR needs, OUR issues, OUR values. Zac Perry knows these needs. Zac Perry lives these issues. Zac Perry has our values as his own. Zac will take with him to Helena a deep personal commitment to this community, not a private agenda to forward his own business, and not a radical effort to bring fringe ideas to the Legislature.

With Zac Perry representing us in the State Legislature, we will be able to feel confident that a local native with his eyes squarely on the best interests of our community is representing US in Helena. I believer that Zac will go to Helena with a reasoned attitude, a thorough understanding of local issues – jobs, education, taxation, preserving our way of life – and a deep commitment to serve the community he represents.

I am proud to stand up in support of Zac for House District 3. I believe that he carries with him the very essence of what we should look for in political representation – values, commitment, integrity, education, and a selfless drive to better his community. I hope that you will get to the polls on Nov 2nd and I hope you will send Zac to represent you in Helena.

MT TEA Party Lawsuit Part of National Religious Right-Wing GOP Strategy

The Helena IR reported yesterday that the Billings “Montana Shrugged” TEA Party faction is suing the state to invalidate Montana laws that regulate sunshine in campaign  spending and reporting in politics.

The lawsuit, filed with the help of the James Madison Center for Free Speech in Terre Haute, Ind., says Montana laws requiring various financial reporting by political committees are unconstitutionally vague and should not apply to groups like Montana Shrugged.

Just who is the out-of-state “James Madison Center for Free Speech”?  It is backed and lead by the conservative and religious right-wing of the national Republican Party.

Indeed, one of  [the group’s leaders James] Bopp’s greatest sources of funding emerged when Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) embraced Bopp and his cause of campaign finance deregulation and helped him set up his own nonprofit litigation center — the James Madison Center for Free Speech — in 1996, on which McConnell agreed to serve as the honorary chairman.

The group’s leader, James Bopp Jr., is a Republican-backed lawyer who’s fought campaign finance laws for 30 years.  In fact, he’s the guy that filed the suit that led to last January’s Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited corporate influence on elections.

Once again, the so-called “local TEA Party movement” is just a pawn of a national Republican movement to obliterate transparency in campaign spending.

In fact, the Kansas City Star reports that this same entity is now challenging laws in at least a dozen states that have disclosure laws like Montana: including California, Florida, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Ohio, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.

And finally, all this garbage about how the TEA Party is supposedly not to be interested in social issues must finally be put to rest.

Hardhitting Mailer: Bigot in Bozeman

A mailer in Bozeman has surfaced, calling Tom Burnett, the Tea Party Candidate, a bigot because he told gay people that they are the equivalent of people who practice beastiality, incest, and pedophilia. (What is pictured here is not the mailer, if someone has a copy, send it to me and I’ll post it. )

Marnee Banks blogged about it recently, though not about the substance of the issue.  Rather, she questions why the mailer uses this site as a source. The reason the mailer cited my blog, I presume, is that shortly after Tom Burnett wrote these despicable anti-gay statements on his own website, he removed them. He removed it because locals in Bozeman were horrified. A few local folks even ran ads in the Chronicle, denouncing him for the comments (ad pictured).

The state press corp missed it or simply didn’t care, but this blog was on the scene and covered it, catching the ugly anti-gay bigot Tom Burnett making bigoted remarks, then trying to cover them up like a dog who kicks dirt backwards with his hind legs after doing his business.

Pro-Rehberg Garbage In the Mail

Thought you might like this mailer that landed last week from the Safari Club. (Apparently they like to shoot gorillas and polar bears and have the taxpayers subsidize their hunting trips with a tax write-off, according to their Wikipedia listing).

The ammo ban vicious rumor stems from a petition to the EPA last summer, which EPA promptly shot down because they have no jurisdiction.  It was all over the talk radio mouth-breather circuit, and is referenced here.  So again it’s a non-issue fear-mongering mailer of no substance, but we should still vote for Rehberg because of it?  Really this fake conspiracy is the best pro-Rehberg argument out there?  Pathetic.

Garbage Conspiracy False Mail Side TwoHere’s the mailer.Garbage Conspiracy False Mail Side One

Courage Under Fire

Three cheers to Flathead County Commissioner Joe Brenneman for not taking the bait offered to him by Chuck Denowh’s Better Government PAC. When Denowh paid close to $5000 to five different Flathead Valley radio stations to attack Brenneman in his re-election bid, Brenneman countered with this radio ad about talking the truth and staying out of the muck:


Brenneman, a former college educated English teacher who returned to operate his family’s dairy farm, has spent a lifetime shoveling the you know what and cleaning out the barn when necessary. Kudos to him for recognizing what end of the cow Denowh’s been cozying up to, and staying out of the line of fire.

Keep up the great work, Joe!

Slime in the Flathead

Here it is.

The biggest piece of slime that slithers across the state moving and laundering money and attacking democrats with lies.

These guys raise massive among of corporate money and funnel it into various dishonest activities.  Here’s what happened when the slime slimed his money in the Flathead attacking County Commissioner Candidate Joe Brenneman without basis.

On Oct 19th, the radio ads attacking Joe Brenneman I call Slime were purchased on four of the B-98 radio stations.

The ads blames Joe Brenneman for job losses and the economy without proving its claims.  Here are the facts:

The Bee Broadcasting contract lists the purchaser as the Better Government PAC 1820 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena 59601. The 112 sixty second ads cost a total of $4,132.80.   The radio ads themselves carry the disclaimer listing them as being paid for by the Better Government PAC with a Kalispell Post Office box.  The Better Government PAC is operated by Charles (Chuck) Denowh. Denowh is a republican political operative in Helena and former Executive Director of the Montana Republican Party.

But there’s a problem.  The check purchasing the ads carries the Kalispell Glacier Bank account of the Flathead Business and Industry Association PAC and is signed in an illegible manner.

FBIA payment to B-98 Nowhere in the ad does Flathead Business and Industry Association PAC list that they are paying for them, which appears to be illegal.

It gets worse.

The FBIA has long been known for its use of political muscle and big cash to influence local politics.

They say it’s on behalf of jobs, but there’s another problem.

In September of 2010 when a big $600,000 construction jobs project for a Bigfork storm water system came before the county, FBIA Exec Director, Denise Smith (whose biography detailed in this 7-09 Flathead Beacon article) testified against it, asking that it be delayed. The funding for this project came through a state TSEP grant and it was republican State Senator Greg Barkus who recommended Flathead County apply from the funding source. I’d be shocked if every Flathead Republican legislator didn’t vote for this.

In a letter to the FBIA in response to the delay request, all three commissioners wrote:


It is beyond our comprehension why FBIA would seek to delay a project that so clearly benefits water quality, provides jobs, and makes use of money appropriated with the full support of our legislative representatives.

It is beyond their comprehension why the FBIA wanted to delay a huge jobs project?

Say, until after the election so that current County Commissioner Joe Brennamen couldn’t share the credit for this boon for the valley with his fellow commissioners?  It isn’t beyond our comprehension.

Look, the FBIA has decided they do not want to elect Brenneman and are spending a lot of money to knock him out, fine,  but to speak against an already funded and decided public works project that was awarded to a local contractor that would be employing local construction workers this fall and winter when people need the jobs to deny a feather in the cap of your political opponent is as slimy as it gets.

UPDATE: Guess which mega-millionaire is the largest single donor to the Better Gov’t PAC something like $10k worth carried over from last year?

Perfect Choice for GOP Leader

The bad news about the infamous attack mailers coming from Republicans, desperately trying to link state Democrats to Obama with no evidence, is that politics has degraded into a zero-truth game. Say anything, facts are optional.

The good news is that the man behind them, Jeff Essmann the candidate for State Senator from Billings, is probably going to try to become the next senate leader. Democrats couldn’t ask for anything more. He appears to have very little political savvy. When his RLCC mailers crossed the line and prompted a fellow Republican senator to resign from the committee, Essmann made a bizarre decision to replace him with a guy who fled the state two years ago in the wake of a GOP scandal that could, had the Democrats pursued it, have resulted in state and federal charges. It is sickening. ~sniffle~ Then, when questioned about this dubious choice, Essmann refused to comment on it and instead got into a verbal rally with a reporter, making the story worse.

But beyond his questionable skills, he’s a far-right and angry-at-Schweitzer kind of guy. Every time a hot-headed, rabid right-winger like Essmann makes into leadership, the Governor and the Dems end up making a deal with a moderate faction of Rs at the end of the session, and the right wingers head home bruised, failed and looking stupid, and of course twice as angry as they were when they came to town. Sales, Brown, Lange, Keenan. The list goes on.

Rehberg DOH! Moment: McDonald Ad Catches Karl Rove’s Attention

Word is that Dennis McDonald’s recent television ad, Millionaire, has started to gain some notoriety among the Republican elite.  Here’s the ad:

According to a McDonald press release, a source within the Republican Party says that Karl Rove has acknowledged that he’s seen Dennis McDonald’s ad and made the comment, “Yes, I’ve already seen this ad, our guy in Montana seems to have a problem with his drinking…”    McDonald’s press release did not name the source, but this does not surprise me in the least.

Rove was reportedly referring to Republican Congressman Dennis Rehberg’s inappropriate behavior and drinking problem.

Rehberg has had numerous problems with drinking in public during his 6 terms as Montana’s lone Congressman, as the release reports.

Back in 2004, Rehberg was rumored to have been drunk and fell off his horse during a state visit to Kazakhstan.  Not only did he fall off his horse and injure himself, but he called the native people “cone heads” while making alien noises, as in the famous Saturday Night Live sketches.  A member of the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan reported the incident.

In 2008, according to the Washington Post, Rehberg passed out drunk at the Tune Inn, a dive bar in Washington, D.C. and reportedly slept on a cot in the basement of the bar.

In 2006, according to Roll Call magazine, Rehberg was drunk and took part in a bar room brawl that involved the Missoula police.  Rehberg’s staff was also part of the drunken brawl.

Finally, in 2009, the McDonald release states, “Rehberg boarded a boat after he had been drinking (the police report disclosed that he had a blood-alcohol level of .05, four hours after the accident) and instructed his staff members join him on the boat.  While State Senator Barcus was driving the boat drunk, the boat crashed and launched up on the rocky shore.  Rehberg’s drunkenness and poor personal conduct resulted in injuries to himself and several of his staff members, who were seriously hurt.”