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Rehberg Tries to Change History of Defunding Community Health Centers

Remember when Congressman Dennis Rehberg personally tried to cut $1 billion from the nation’s community health centers earlier this year?  You might remember the public outcry up in Kalispell, because had Dennis Rehberg gotten his way, he would have shut down the Flathead Community Health Center.   Here’s a reminder from the Flathead Beacon:

“The cuts in [Rehberg’s] continuing resolution will defund 127 new access programs,” Wendy Doely, executive director of the Flathead Community Health Center, said, “which essentially means that we would close.”

“The only one in Montana that will disappear if this goes through is us,” she added.

The Flathead Community Health Center saw nearly 6,000 patients last year.

Apparently, Rehberg is feeling the sting of his own unpopularity.  In a recent taxpayer-funded letter to Montanans (link), he actually tries to change history by saying: “Healthcare is among my top priorities in Congress” and “We must make healthcare accessible and affordable for every American.”


There’s more from Rehberg’s letter:


“The appropriations bill that I recently released authorizes and additional $70.2 million of funding for the Department of Health and Human Services.  I have also increased funding for the Health and Resources and Services Administration, thereby preserving funding for Community Health Centers.”


Oh really?  So why the change of heart?  And more importantly, how are we coming on that bill, Congressman?

Rehberg’s unpopular appropriations bill still hasn’t even passed out of his own subcommittee.  It probably never will.  He failed as its chairman.  And he failed to tell Montanans the truth yet again.