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Poll Says Montanans Like What They See from Schweitzer

Brian Schweitzer got high marks today in a new poll released by Public Policy Polling (PPP), which said he’s among the most popular governors in America at 52 percent positive job approval.

Curiously, the poll also said that Schweitzer would likely carry the state of Montana if he made a 2016 presidential bid. I guess that’s no small thing, given how tight presidential races are nowadays. This phenomenon, should it ever occur, would mean a six point net electoral college swing, since the Rs would lose what is now an automatic, no-questions-asked prize of three electors.

Max Baucus still does not like what he sees from Public Policy Polling regarding a possible head-to-head matchup against Schweiter in 2014. For the second time, PPP is reporting that Baucus trails Schweitzer handily, by double digits among likely Democratic primary voters.

Curiously, the Poll also says that while Schweitzer is strong with Dems, he also garners a positive approval rating from one out of four Republican voters. No doubt these are the twenty five percent of Republicans who are literate and thus able read the newspaper (which often contains headlines about the state’s large budget surplus), unlike their more conservative bretheren who accept at face value the propaganda dished out by the GOP establishment and officeholders.

The poll also looked at Montanans’ views on gay marriage.  Montana voters think it should be illegal by a 48/41 margin. Meanwhile,  the better news is that 64% of voters support some form of legal recognition for gay couples- either gay marriage or civil unions- to only 32% who are opposed to any.