Greg Gianforte

Bad Day for Gianforte; Slammed by Chronicle for Fake Headlines

The recurrent Montana State University-Billings poll was published Tuesday and shows Steve Bullock with a commanding lead,12 points at 44-32, and so it looks like the Governor is in strong shape. Gianforte’s negative campaign has been largely ineffective and this new poll is a deflating…


Gianforte Threatens Suit Against TV Stations

Greg Gianforte has hired an attorney to send a “cease and desist” letter to all Montana television stations, threatening legal action against them if they air a campaign commercial entitled “Hooked,” which was recently released by a Democratic group called Good Jobs Montana and is…


Money talks

Gianforte’s Millions Make Another Appearance

by Cowgirl

You can’t buy political billboards on public property in Montana, but for $10 million it appears you can get your name on a building.

Slated for the Board of Regents agenda for next Thursday and Friday (May 19-20) is an MSU proposal to name their computing school the Gianforte School of Computing. Gianforte’s donation, according to a source with knowledge of the transaction:


Gianforte Dumps Fortune on Television Ad Buy

Greg Gianforte (or as Twitter has dubbed him “GiantFortune”) has dumped hundreds of thousands on a television ad buy, even though he only has about $300k in the bank. Bullock has consistently out-raised Gianforte and has over $1.1 million cash on hand. This means Gianforte has…


Bullock Bests Gianforte in Latest Fundraising Quarter

The AP is reporting this evening that Governor Bullock beat Greg Gianforte in the latest fundraising quarter. The story also makes it evident that Gianforte his still trying to push the ridiculous notion that its bad to accept money from political action committees, which are required to report their donors,…


GUEST POST: No Bigot For Montana Governor

by Dan Laurie

Dan Lourie lives in Bozeman. He is a lifetime activist for peace,  justice and equality, and has written to newspapers since 1964. 

Newly announced Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte recently had a coming out party in Bozeman. Several of us who disapprove of his candidacy held an opposition rally in the street, displaying signs bearing reasons for opposing his candidacy. One sign, I’m told, angered a supporter of the candidate: “No Bigots For Montana Governor.”

Always a believer in the adage “if the shoe fits, wear it” I looked up “bigot” in the dictionary.


Gianforte Announces He Will Now Admit He is Running

After months of exploring uncharted waters of evasion and avoidance Greg Gianforte, finally, today, our nails not exactly bitten to the quick, has told Montanans whether he was going to run for Governor.  Surprise!  He is running.

The announcement seemed to come as a genuine surprise, even if only to


While this image is, obviously, photoshopped, Gianforte's cash donations to the group defending Davis are all too real.

Kim Davis Puts Gianforte’s Support for Discrimination in the Spotlight

It turns out that Greg Gianforte has given thousands to the national hate group defending Kim Davis’s illegal and discriminatory behavior. Public records show Greg Gianforte has given $14,000 to the Family Research Council, an entity the Southern Poverty Law Center designated a hate group in 2010. If you aren’t…


Lacking Transparency, But Certainly See Through

Today, the staff of Gianforte’s so-called “Better Jobs LLC” has been found to be responding to press inquiries sent directly to Gianforte not about the LLC but about his campaign, as reported only by the Bozeman Chronicle. The development is significant because Gianforte has been avoiding reporting his expenditures and…