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Schweitzer Jumps into Presidential Race

The Governor of Montana had choice words for Mitt Romney today, saying that while he will probably win Montana, he will suffer in states where Latino votes are required for victory.

Schweitzer also made a somewhat unusual point: that Romney, who has degraded and insulted hispanics during his Republican primary, will be unable to discuss his personal Mexican heritage as a way of making himself more palatable to Latino voters.

Romney’s grandfather lived in Mexico in a Mormon colony, and Romney’s father was born there. That’s right: by some interpretations (including the 14th amendment theories espoused by most Republican Montana state legislators), Mitt Romney is the son of a Mexican.

Schweitzer, in the Huffington Post article, says he believes that Romney will shy away from discussing this interesting connection to Mexico. Why? The Mormon colony that Romney’s father was born into was a Polygamy colony. Indeed, Romney has four grandfathers, but dozens of grandmothers.

We will see if Schweitzer is right. Given his personality, it’s no stretch to envision Romney trying to convince voters that he is both a Mexican and an anti-immigrant American.

Gingrich Shows He’s Still a Joke

This GOP presidential primary campaign offers an important reminder; for every scathing political comeback that makes it into the history books, there are loads more that flop—or worse.  The latest attempt to one-up a rival comes from Newt Gingrich.  It falls into the latter category.

Newt recently took issue with rival candidate Mitt Romney’s quip that Gingrich’s failure to get on Virginia’s primary ballot was like “Lucille Ball and the chocolate factory.”  It means basically that his operation was a botched effort.

So Newt, rather than proving that his field operation was sound, decided it was time to get witty.  He’d show Romney…er…by showing up at a real chocolate factory Wednesday,  apparently thinking this was some kind of clever comeback.

“Gov. Romney had a cute line yesterday about my team resembling Lucy in the chocolate factory, and I just want to say, here I am in the chocolate factory and now that I have the courage to come to the chocolate factory I hope Gov. Romney will have the courage to debate me one-on-one,” Gingrich said Wednesday to reporters.

Then, he seems to thought he would look even more clever if he actually got in there and started making the chocolate himself.  There’s even video:

I guess it is possible he hadn’t seen the Romney pic. Still, if he had thought about it, he probably would have realized that what he thought was some kind of brilliant comeback ended up making him look more Comedy Central than C-Span.


Presidential Candidates Get A Favor from Rehberg

The Hill has a running list up of which members of Congress are endorsing which presidential candidate.  As of this posting, the tallies stood at Romney – 61, Perry-13, Gingrich-8, Paul-3, Cain-1 Bachman-1, Santorum-0.

Montana Congressman Rehberg is not on the list.

To be sure, Rehberg’s absence could simply be explained by his fear to make a choice this early. But given that we already heard his de facto endorsement of Bachmann in February of 2011, it may be that he was asked by the campaigns to do them a solid and stay out.  After all, Rehberg has been at the center of Congress’s failure and brinksmanship throughout the budget debate. As David Weigel theorizes in Slatethe brinkmanship and failure to accomplish anything is tanking the popularity of House Republicans:

there has been a rarely-admitted fatigue with the Republican House, and its inability to get anything done unless there’s last-minute stop-the-clock brinkmanship…it started to mean that you were part of Washington machinery that was creaking and belching acrid smoke.