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Livingstone Says Wife Was with Him on the Floating Brothel

Yet again we see that working as a K street lobbyist does not prepare one to run for office, particularly in a race where damage control is required.

In a hilarious news article today, Neil Livingstone, GOP candidate for Governor of Montana, clarified a previous statement that he was once a guest “on a yacht full of hookers in Monte Carlo.”

Speaking with the Associated Press, Livingstone said that yes, he was indeed a guest on a boat full of prostitutes; but, that his wife accompanied him on the boat. And just to clear things up, Livingstone noted that his wife “was the only non-hooker on the boat.”  It should be noted that Livingstone and his wife have since parted ways.

The GOP gubernatorial primary in Montana is now looking to be a contest to see which candidate can produce the most bizarre episode from his past involving women. Livingstone is facing off against Rick Hill, a former Congressman who confessed to having had an affair with a cocktail waitress at a bar in Great Falls, a bar where the waitresses take turns putting on rubber mermaid tails and jumping into a giant tank behind the bar, from where they blow kisses to the patrons. And the Montana Press reported in 1996 that Hill’s wife once came to the bar and caught him in the act, canoodling with the waitress.

A boatload of hookers or a barload of mermaids. Family values will clearly be on the back burner for the Montana GOP this season.

Livingstone Says He Was on Yacht with Hookers

Livingstone and an unknown woman (not one of the hookers).

If having tried to solicit Qadaffi as a business partner is not enough to disqualify someone from being governor of Montana, here is something that might:

Republican candidate Neil Livingstone, in his own bio which can be found at this link, brags about having once been a guest “on a yacht full of hookers in Monte Carlo.”

Exactly why or when Mr. Livingstone chose to publish this utterly bizarre marketing document, listing his supposed exploits around the world like something out of a spy novel, is not clear. My guess is that the bio was something he drew up for purposes of promoting himself in his professional career as a terrorism expert, in the days when he used to appear as a guest on CNN and MSNBC to discuss international security. But for some reason, the Livingstone campaign thought that this extensive resume should be posted on his campaign website, and thankfully I was tipped off about it by an astute patron of this blog.

And the part about the hookers on the yacht is only the tip of the iceberg. In the same document, Livingstone says he was once “paid in stacks of hundred dollar bills”; that he’s been “stalked by Nazis,” and that he’s “ridden a racing camel in the desert.”  He does his best to sound like James Bond (“I once soaked my aching bones in a tub at a hotel in the Balkans with a gun in the soap dish,” he says), not a credible comparison when you’ve seen what Livingstone looks like and sounds like.

And if partying on a boat full of hookers doesn’t establish his GOP bona fides, know that Livingstone was also “subpoenaed for involvement in Iran Contra,” that he’s “attended business meetings in dark alleys,” and that he’s “met with terrorists in their jail cells and over drinks.”

I encourage everyone to read the bio. It is great fun. (Screenshots here and here.)

And in the unlikely event that GOP voters aren’t attracted to his candidacy for all of the amazing exploits recounted above, there’s always this: Livingstone once”

“attended a business meeting with a six-and-half foot tall pink-eyed albino dressed in white from head-to-foot in a Miami-area motel with the peculiar distinction of having more ‘floaters’ in its pool than any other hospitality establishment in the U.S.”

I don’t see how anyone beats this guy. But I do hope that when Livingstone wins the nomination, the Albino comes to Montana to campaign for him.