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GOP Lobbyist said God Revealed That He Should Insult Woman’s Looks on the Radio

You might remember the godly birther from Laurel Montana from the birther bill hearing, Jeff Laszloffy of the Montana Family Foundation.  Well he’s been on the radio again trying to pretend he is Mike Huckabee, talking about how he sat in a legislative hearing, probably with his ear to the ground listening for the sweet, sweet music of clattering apocalyptic hooves,  when a miracle occurred: a revelation from the Lord our God, who was apparently in the neighborhood.

As Pogie reported at Intelligent Discontent yesterday,

Laszloffy claims, that while he was listening to testimony, “God gave him an amazing revelation.”

Which was apparently that he should go on the radio and insult the personal appearances of women who don’t agree with him.  Perhaps Laszloffy believes even that God’s punishment for testifying against the beliefs of the almighty Laszloffy include getting “bags under your eyes” and “looking sad.”

Though I found this very fascinating in a mind-melting sort of way, I am not much compelled to believe in birtherism any more than I was before–in spite of this new information about God and his plan.  Rather, I attribute the qualities that Laszloffy perceived in these ladies (looking tired and sad) to being stuck in a room full of idiots at an 8 am hearing on preposterous legislation announced with less than 12 hours notice to prepare.

Lazsloffy’s radio remarks don’t stop here, sadly, and I encourage you to read more about his horror show over at Intelligent Discontent.