James Knox

Jon Arnold is running for legislature

We’ve Got a Screamer

Anti-intelligence candidate Jon Arnold has filed for office on the Republican ticket.  He says he wants voters to send him “kicking and screaming” to Helena.  I will go kicking and screaming into Helena, pushing our leaders to try to take back our powers that have…


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Top Ten Larry Kralj Nicknames for Republicans

Readers to this blog have no doubt come across the colorful language of commenter Larry Kralj.  Kralj always seems to come up with funny nicknames for the GOP-ers. Like people’s names in American Sign Language (ASL), the names usually include some inherent characteristic of the…

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Political Quick Hits

Knox Watch TEA Party Republican Rep. James Knox says he is taking a job out of state but keeping his state legislative seat and has no reason to resign.  When asked who will represent the voters of House District 47 if Knox is living out…

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Just Plain Wrong

James Knox is not known for his grasp of the facts, but his latest missive in favor of eliminating unions and against a 1 percent pay increase for state employees who have gone without for years is just plain wrong.  In an email sent to his supporters,…

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Cryptic Threat

Montana Republican Representative James Knox is sent a message to those who created a Facebook page opposing his position on medical marijuana today. That message came through loud and clear: I’m good with my guns. Knox claims that he himself was getting “death threats” for…