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We’ve Got a Screamer

Anti-intelligence candidate Jon Arnold has filed for office on the Republican ticket.  He says he wants voters to send him “kicking and screaming” to Helena.

 I will go kicking and screaming into Helena, pushing our leaders to try to take back our powers that have been restrained from us by the federal government.

I think Arnold is confused about what “going kicking and screaming” means.  But that’s no surprise, considering that he’ll tell you straight up: “intellectuals” are the problem:

We have a despotic, unconstitutional fourth branch of government, comprised of a small army of two million bureaucrats….Many of these people are considered to be “intellectuals.”  The problem with intellectuals is that they are not smart enough to know the things that they don’t know.  This was the brilliance of our founders.

Well, it is “the brilliance” of Jon Arnold anyway.

Jon Arnold is running for legislatureIt used to be that being smart and getting an education was viewed as important in America. But now, it’s the dumb that we put on a pedestal.   And to what do we owe this gift of dumb? Right-wing fundamentalism, both religious and political. We have a Presidential candidate who is worried that Satan is attacking America.  Rick Santorum says, in public, that college is all part of Obama’s evil plan to corrupt the nation’s youth.

Arnold further demonstrates his aversion to smart when he asks voters to:

Imagine if ten years from now there is a “sin tax” (such as those for alcohol and tobacco) for the purchase of a cheeseburger…The only protection against such injustices is to not grant the government this power to begin with.

What Arnold doesn’t know is that there is already a gaggle of Montana politicians clamoring for policies that would require a massive food police bureaucracy–at an enormous expense.  However, they are all members of his own party.  Here is a list of legislators (all Republicans) that signed an op-ed in favor of the idiotic boondoggle. The “evidence” for the claims made in the op-ed comes from TEA Party Republican Tom Burnett’s own blog and “research” paper.

Representatives: Tom Burnett, Janna Taylor,  Salomon, Wayne Stahl, Jonathan McNiven, Pat  Ingraham, Tom McGillvray, Ken Peterson, Jeff Wellborn,  Cary Smith, Jerry O’Neil, Bob Wagner, James Knox,  Dan Skattum, Wendy  Warburton, David Howard, Jerry Bennett, Jesse O’Hara, Christy Clark, Kris Hansen, Champ Edmunds, Krayton Kerns, Ron Ehli, Mark  Blasdel, Doug Kary, Austin  Knudsen, Kelly Flynn, Walt McNutt, John Esp, Pat Connell, Matt Rosendale, Cleve Loney, Mike Cuffe

Senators: Debby Barrett, Ed Walker, Ryan Zinke, Bob Lake

Arnold is a Republican candidate Montana Senate District 43, which includes Anaconda and surrounding communities.

Top Ten Larry Kralj Nicknames for Republicans

Readers to this blog have no doubt come across the colorful language of commenter Larry Kralj.  Kralj always seems to come up with funny nicknames for the GOP-ers. Like people’s names in American Sign Language (ASL), the names usually include some inherent characteristic of the person’s being, hobbies, or job.

Here are ten favorites.  Enjoy.

Congressman Dopey Reeburp

Sen. Corndog Buns (Sen. Cornhole, etc.)

Gen. Robert E. Skees, a guy who fancies himself a great rebel and secessionist

Pastor Chucky Cheesey Bulbdim

Jumbo Jimmy Knoxious

Pope  Really Windy Wendy Wharpedburpin‘, our very own Palin/Bachmann moral arbiter and God talker

The Chamber Pot of Commerce

The Nits of Columbus, perennial protesters of women’s rights. Women not allowed.

Crank Mealy, birther columnist of the Daily Inter Lake

Neil Livingscam, Qaddafi’s lobbyist


UPDATED: Take the Money and Run (and Take the Benefits, Too.)

James Knox is out-of-touch, with reality.A major Tea Party figure in the Montana legislature has moved out of the state, apparently for good. But he is refusing to surrender his government health benefits.

State Rep. James Knox, who as a legislator has railed against “anchor babies,” Obamacare, welfare, and “too much government spending,” has moved to Texas. He is no longer fulfilling his legislative duties. He has not attended his regularly scheduled committee hearings at the Capitol and is rarely, if ever, present in Montana. He no longer has a residence here.

Knox also has not filed for re-election, and another republican has filed to run in his place.

UPDATE: This is the Republican that has filed for Knox’s seat.  As to his political leanings, it doesn’t look good.  He has  co-signed a recent guest editorial in the Billings Gazette with TEA Party legislators Greg Hinkle and Verdell Jackson.

Some constituents want to know why Knox–a loud and proud member of the Tea Party movement that took the Montana legislature by storm in the 2010 elections–has decided to keep collecting the free government healthcare that is given to all legislators. Presumably, this is the reason that he has not resigned.

Knox has offered no response.

Miller Campaign Takes the Gloves Off

The Miller campaign is taking the gloves off – calls themselves “country,” and their GOP rivals, “country club.” The attack is a reference to rival Rick Hill’s career as an Insurance Industry Executive and Neil Livingstone’s bid to get Libyan dictator Meammar Qaddafi to hire him for for $10 million.  

Here’s the video. You can also find it on Youtube.

The list of people who have endorsed Ken Miller includes:

Top Three Cowgirl Blog Posts of 2011

Here are the most viewed blog posts of 2011 from the Montana Cowgirl Blog:

3. Montana Birther Nut Lawmaker Becomes National Joke on CNN

Look no further for proof that the actions of the current legislature are making Montana a national joke than this video.  (Once again, Montana newspaper editors missed out on a great story.)  You really must watch as Anderson Cooper schools TEA Party Lawmaker Bob Wagner (R-Harrison) on his birther bill for a look at how our TEA Party legislators represent Montana to the rest of America.

And a note to the rest of the nation, this legislator is but one of many who have proposed outrageous, unconstitutional, extreme and pointless legislation in Montana.  If you’ve found this story, you’ve only scratched the surface.

2. Montana TEA Party Leaders Call for Violence Against Political Opponents

The leader of the Billings Montana Shrugged TEA Party and a TEA Party Republican state lawmaker were been caught posting remarks online that imply support for shooting their political opponents.

The incident came on the heels of another Montana TEA Party scandal.  TEA Party leader Tim Ravndal was forced to resign after his comments about lynching gay people Matthew Shepard style were reported on blogs and in the state and national media.  The latest exchange, which was captured today via screenshot after it caught the sharp eye of Billings politico Kayla Corcoran, can be viewed here.

1. Nutjob Bills in the Montana Legislature

Finally, the top post of 2011.  For your reading pleasure, recall some of the major pieces of legislation that were put forward by the Tea Party Republicans who are now in control of the legislature.  This is not a joke. These are real bills, and they represented the priorities of the Montana legislature.


Montana TEA Party Leaders Call for Violence Against Political Opponents

The leader of the Billings Montana Shrugged TEA Party and a TEA Party Republican state lawmaker have been caught posting remarks online that imply support for shooting their political opponents.

The incident comes on the heels of another Montana TEA Party scandal.  TEA Party leader Tim Ravndal was forced to resign after his comments about lynching gay people Matthew Shepard style were reported on blogs and in the state and national media.  The latest exchange, which was captured today via screenshot after it caught the sharp eye of Billings politico Kayla Corcoran, is pasted below.  Here’s the screenshot.

James Knox
Up in thought this AM. I often get up early and read, write and so on. Some of my most productive and peaceful moments are between 4 and 5 am… then the sun rises and I want to attack socialists!!!

Jennifer Olsen Totally agree. I’m the same way.

James Knox Kindred souls! Got ammo?

The TEA Party has a penchant for referring to its political opponents as socialists.  As the exchange continues, it becomes apparent that this isn’t rhetorical ammunition she’s talking about.  Here’s the Billings “Montana Shrugged” TEA Party leader again:

Jennifer Olsen Actually, I just bought more :) stocking up. For what…..I’m not entirely sure yet.

Jennifer Olsen That along with rice and beans is going in my safe. Haha, can’t barter with gold.

Ms. Corcoran calls them on the rhetoric.  One would think that this would be the time someone who wasn’t serious would apologize or attempt to clarify the statements as “jokes.”  Instead, Ms. Corcoran is told by Olsen and Knox that she’s the one in need of a reality check.

Kayla Corcoran Mr. Knox, you should be ashamed of yourself. This type of rhetoric is unacceptable, especially from an elected official.
Jennifer Olsen Kaya [sic] – are you serious? ·
James Knox Kayla go to someplace safe…..for your [sic] not in the real world!


After Ravndal was expelled from the Helena TEA Party for his violent bigoted remarks, Olsen spoke up.   But instead of condemning the call for violence against gays, Olsen expressed her support for Ravndal, as you can see from the screenshot here.   Olsen’s is the final comment in the thread.

Olsen signs the TEA Party blast emails and boasts of leading a group of some 3,000 activists.  She was a candidate for vice-chair of the Montana Republican party in 2011 and has filed to run in a contested seat for the Billings City Council.  The Montanafesto Blog also reported that Olsen is the administrator of the Ken Miller for Governor Facebook page. James Knox became one of the most radical TEA Party legislators in the state despite the fact that he was elected to represent a moderately democratic district in the Billings Heights in 2010.

A tip of the hat to Kayla for catching this.  Reader tips are the essence of this blog.  Send your tips to the tipline email here.

Political Quick Hits

Knox Watch
TEA Party Republican Rep. James Knox says he is taking a job out of state but keeping his state legislative seat and has no reason to resign.  When asked who will represent the voters of House District 47 if Knox is living out of state, Knox answered with a Facebook post that reads:

“I will be taking s temp position out of state but I will look a mt citizen. Registered to vote own a home”

Here’s the screenshot of the whole thread.


All About Dennis
The Montana Democratic Party today launched AllAboutDennis.com to keep track of Congressman Rehberg’s self-serving behavior in Washington DC.    The Dems say that Congressman Rehberg has been the sole beneficiary of his career in Washington DC and that the online campaign will expose Rehberg’s record of siding with a broken DC system,Wall Street and Big Oil over Montanans.


Fake News
D. Gregory Smith at From Eternity to Here has an interesting post up asking What’s It Really Like at Fox News. In case you had any doubt about the rock solid credibility of Fox News or the intellect of its reasonably credulous viewers, recall their recent attempt to pass off a satiric Onion-style article on a fake Islamic ban of padded bras as news.   Fox has removed the article, but you can see the screenshot here.  The Onion itself has been mistaken for real news, often by religious fundamentalists.  The phenomena has inspired a website capturing their angry responses.  Check out Literally Unbelievable here.

Knox Bound for Nashville

Rep. James Knox (R-TEA Billings)The man who brought us every type of racist, sexist, and homophobic bill or vote this legislative session (as well as other wacky tea baggery and antics) is taking his act to Nashville, probably not as a country western star.

There are three things that indicate he’s leaving.  First, in a letter to his business customers, Knox writes that he is shutting down the business (the entire letter is pasted below the fold):

For over six years KBS has had the honor of serving Montana as one of the premier IT service providers. After a tough year and a half and pursuing some personal interest including politics, I have decided to close KBS.

I have loved the time here in Montana and the people I have met throughout the state. You will be missed.

On his Facebook page, Knox says he’s having a moving sale at his house





Finally, a post about Nashville Tennessee.





The entire letter from Knox is pasted below:

Continue reading

GOP Presidential Race Finally Has a Frontrunner

James Knox is out-of-touch, with reality.Look out Michele Bachmann.  A Montana TEA Party Republican legislator is looking to get in the game.   According to a source close to the candidate, Rep. James Knox (R-Billings) has presidential aspirations.

When a relative of Knox suggested he run for POTUS on Facebook (screenshot), his wife quickly posted

“I lack the fortitude for a national race, I know he will do go though.”

Knox is our generation’s Ronald Reagan, his shady views of people of different ethnicity would secure the sizeable, racist part of the Republican base he needed to wrap up any GOP presidential nomination.

Or maybe he’s our generation’s Eisenhower, surviving the repositioning of his own illegally placed campaign yard signs with grit and spy technology. Or maybe, with his views about women, he’s our generation’s Donald Trump. Whatever. He’s a winner and is certainly better than the others that have so far expressed intentions of considering the possibility of exploring what a run might look like.



Just Plain Wrong

James Knox is not known for his grasp of the facts, but his latest missive in favor of eliminating unions and against a 1 percent pay increase for state employees who have gone without for years is just plain wrong.  In an email sent to his supporters, Republican James Knox (R-Billings) makes several ludicrous statements. A couple of them really stand out.


Now that the Legislature has taken a stand that they will not just blanket spend your tax dollars through illegally mandated pay increases,

FACT:  First of all, the state pay plan would cost a pittance of the $300 million Montana has in the bank in its savings account. Thanks to smart fiscal management by Governor Schweitzer and the dems, no taxes would be raised.


I feel safe in stating that the republican majority felt that with the current economic struggles the private sector faces, we could not in good conscious give a raise to public employees that currently receive higher pay and benefits then the private sector.


FACT: Most state workers earn less than their private sector counterparts when similar jobs and education levels are compared.  A nationwide 20-year study found that state government workers earn an average of 11.4 percent less than private-sector workers of similar education and work experience and local government workers earn 12.0 percent less.

Knox is trying to pull the wool over our eyes, hoping that we won’t realize that he’s comparing all state worker wages with all private sector wages rather than comparing similar jobs and employees with similar education.  State government requires more education than burger flipping.  A nurse needs more education and receives more pay than an oil changer.