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FACT CHECK: Supreme Court Smear Machine Uses Fear and Lies to Distract from Juras’ Inexperience

The choice between Dirk Sandefur and Kristen Juras for the Montana Supreme Court race couldn’t be an easier one: Dirk Sandefur is well-qualified.  He’s a 3-term State District Judge in one of Montana’s busiest and most populous districts –and before that he was a prosecutor and a police officer.  He’s got decades of experience Kristen Juras just does not have. He’s been endorsed by 50 Montana judges, she zero. 

Since Juras can’t run on experience, enter the same dark money group set up to flood the last three Supreme Court elections with misinformation and deceit.


Cannabis Opponent: Cancer Patients should try praying

Tells Cancer Patients to Try “Praying and Going to Work”

The Medical Marijuana Wars have heated up in Montana.  There are three competing visions.  First, an outright prohibition.  Steve Zabawa is the man behind I-176, a failed ballot measure that would have made cannabis fully illegal in Montana with no exceptions, even for people suffering end-stage cancer.  He has spent over $200,000 of his own money to


Leading Prediction Site says Bullock is 80% to Win

by Cowgirl Good news for Montana democrats, and indeed Montanans.  Predictwise, a leading aggregator of predictive market data, says that Steve Bullock has an 80% chance of being elected.  This number is based on a range of polling data, expert predictions, data from betting and odds-making sites,…


A Preview of Gianforte’s Conference Call Announcement

Greg Gianforte’s recent pretense of campaigning while pretending not to be campaigning has not been pleasant for him. The press are tiring of his refusal to answer basic questions about what he really believes and his track record of bankrolling extremist causes and wacky anti-scientific nonsense, including a…


Essmann Embarrasses Montana

Shake-Up at the GOP

A source within the Montana Republican Party revealed to me today that the Montana GOP is short of funds and is effectively cleaning out its entire staff.  The same source revealed that a recent urgent visit by the national party was made to Helena and…


Republican Lawmaker Slams new GOP Chair

The Chairman of the Republican Party, Jeff Essman, has stumbled badly in his first week on the job.

According to the Bozeman Chronicle, on Wednesday Essmann sent an email to all Republicans in the state, asking them to please help identify anything that Steve Bullock may have done wrong so that he (Essmann) can have ammunition for criticizing the governor.


Who Could Ask for Anything More

The man behind some of the GOP’s bloodiest battles, Jeff Essmann the state legislator from Billings, is the new Montana GOP leader. Democrats couldn’t ask for anything more. Essmann has been at the inner circle of the war between hardline extremists and everyone else from the beginning….


Fractured Republicans to Meet in Helena June 26th

The MTGOP Convention is coming up at the Red Lion Hotel on June 26th in Helena. It should be a fun time. If Twitter chatter is to be believed, there’s a chance of an announcement at the convention by the anti-retirement creationist Greg Gianforte that he is getting into the ring. Will Deschamps, the Chair for five years now, is being challenged by…


GUEST POST: When Democracy Blocks the Will of Oligarchs

by Secret Squirrel The dynamics of rules committee decisions, motions on the floor, and other assorted parliamentary maneuverings (and tantrums) this past week have roots in last year’s elections. They also suggest what will happen and be at stake in the 2016 cycle. The common…