Jeff Laszloffy

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Confederacy of Imbeciles Cannot Stop Dark Money Bill

Lots to catch up on today in the Legislature. First, a confederacy of imbecile Tea Partiers in the House tried to block Gov. Steve Bullock’s campaign finance reform bill, SB 289, which is being carried by a Republican legislator Sen. Duane Ankney.  It has the…


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Cowgirl Blog’s Top Posts of 2014

Happy New Year readers and tipsters.  Here’s a recap of the top ten Cowgirl Blog posts from 2014. 10. TEA Party Leader Jason Priest Arrested. Cowgirl Blog was the first to report this story. Priest was an important figure because he is the rebel leader in…

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Political Quick Hits

Closed Primaries At the Flathead Memo, James Conner explains why Republicans are unlikely to adopt Monforton’s closed primary resolution.  As usual, it’s a good analysis. Freedom Fighters At the Missoula Independent, reporter Ted McDermott has an incredible piece on a Montana militia member who organized militia…

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Wingnuts Throw Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day

The Great Falls Tribune is reporting this week on a group of imbeciles from Laurel, Montana who are celebrating their hatred of gay people with by throwing a Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day.  Jeff Laszloffy, head of the Montana Family Foundation will bring the gay-haters together this…

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The leader of a local right-wing group claims in a podcast that gay people are not the targets of violence and that actual cases of anti-gay violence don’t exist. Pointing to one case of a young adult in Missoula who made up the story of being attacked…