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Thursday Quicktakes

TEA Party Sen. Jennifer Fielder New Head of Extremist Group The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting this week that TEA Party, militia affiliated state Senator Jennifer Fielder will replace Ken Ivory as head of the ludicrous public land takeover quacks known as the American Lands Council.  The…


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Tuesday Quicktakes

If I was going to write another piece on Montana connections to the Oregon Nonsense Here’s What I’d Say

The Billings Gazette is now reporting this morning on one aspect of the Montana connection to the armed takeover of Government buildings in Oregon, that the Cowgirl blog wrote about over the weekend.

Essmann Embarrasses Montana

Shake-Up at the GOP

A source within the Montana Republican Party revealed to me today that the Montana GOP is short of funds and is effectively cleaning out its entire staff.  The same source revealed that a recent urgent visit by the national party was made to Helena and…

Sen. Jennifer Fielder R-TEA Noxon

MTGOP Leader Marks American Indian Heritage Day by Promoting Lands Takeover at Anti-Indian Conference

Fielder to Promote Land Takeover Scheme at Anti-Indian Conference Today is American Indian Heritage Day, but while many celebrate, an anti-Indian group euphemistically called the “Citizens Equal Rights Alliance” or CERA is holding a conference in Montana this weekend attacking tribal sovereignty.  The title of the conference…


NEW REPORT Exposes Links Between Land Takeover Movement, Anti-Government Extremism Groups

The Center for Western Priorities released a new report this week exposing the many connections between anti-government extremist groups and beliefs and state lawmakers who support a takeover of Montana’s public lands.  It’s apparent given last week’s arrival of armed, camouflaged “constitutional advocates” in Lincoln and the armed standoff at Cliven…

Jeff Essmann, new MT GOP Chair

Who Could Ask for Anything More

The man behind some of the GOP’s bloodiest battles, Jeff Essmann the state legislator from Billings, is the new Montana GOP leader. Democrats couldn’t ask for anything more. Essmann has been at the inner circle of the war between hardline extremists and everyone else from the beginning….

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Montana AG asked to Investigate Right-Wing Group, Montana State Senator

There is a group known as American Lands Council, which consists of a man named Ken Ivory and his wife, who travel the West and offer their services to county governments for a fee, anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

What services? They promise to help the counties fight to takeover federal public lands (known as TPL). Place like national forests and national parks, and as depicted by the group’s own map on their own website, apparently Indian Reservations and treaty lands.


GUEST POST Win a few, lose a few: Animal fighting, commercial breeding get another pass

by Kathleen Stachowski who writes about animal rights at  where this article is cross-posted.  I’ve added the Other Nations blog to the blog roll here.  It’s a great blog so check it out when you get a chance – Cowgirl.

Seventy percent of U.S. adults have a favorable opinion of the animal protection movement–so says recent research–which leads me to think that the other 30% serve in the Montana legislature.


Putting the Crack in Crackpot Ideas

A TEA Party state senator this week lashed out against Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke for eagerly voting against a measure pushed by special interest groups and right-wing legislators. The scheme to takeover, seize, or auction off our public lands (TPL) is so unpopular with voters that even Zinke, who during the election went…

Sen. Jennifer Fielder R-TEA Noxon

Ready, Aim, Fire on Their Own

TEA Party Republican Art Wittich Lashes out at Republican Party Chair, Statewide Elected Official GOP Chair Drops Sen. Fielder from Number Two Party Spot  The fight between republicans this week flared up this week and has started to boil over.  First, the Bozeman Chronicle reported on how Rep….

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UPDATED: Loud and Clear

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what does this picture say TEA Party state Sen. Jennifer Fielder’s ties to out-of-state lobbying groups. Note the member of Fielder’s staff.  (He’s the guy wearing the official Legislative Aide badge staffing the American Lands Council booth.)  Note that this…

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The Puppet Show

Yesterday on the floor of the Montana House of Representatives, TEA Party Republican Randy Pinnocci gave a speech in favor of his bill to prohibit the United Nations from the “use of technology for controlling human activity…and the indoctrination of children for global citizenship.” (Which 41…