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GUEST POST: History Bodes Well for Bullock Re-Election

by Evan Barrett

Analyzing historical electoral patterns may seem like an exercise for the back rooms of a university political science department. But active practitioners in the political arena dive into history to find patterns that are indicative, if not predictive, of what might happen in current and future election cycles.


Governor-wannabe bankrolls pro-hate, anti-Halloween crusade

As the GOP-dominated Montana Legislature narrowly defeated an Indiana-style bill to legalize discrimination, it has come to light that Bozeman billionaire Greg Gianforte has been bankrolling a crusade in favor of such laws. The Alliance Defending Freedom, which was previously called the Alliance Defense Fund, has been the…

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News About Federal Races

 The news this week is that Corey Stapleton is jumping ship to the US House race after receiving word from Steve Daines, or a Daines team member, that Daines will be running for Senate.  Stapleton had declared his status as a Senate candidate earlier in…

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Meeting of the Minds

In a little over a month, legislators from across Montana will descend on Helena to make the laws you must live by.  Let’s meet them. 1-Rep. David Howard (R-TEA Park City), Chair of the House Human Services Committee. Rep. Howard is on the record saying…

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Rick Hill Measuring Drapes?

From whispers I’ve heard, it sounds likely that Rick Hill has already enlisted Scott Mendenhall to run his transition operation, in the event Hill wins the election. Mendenhall is a right-winger from Clancy, and served several terms in the legislature before being termed out a…

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Rick Hill’s Woman Problem

While Judy Martz crisscrosses the state saying assuring voters that “there is no war on women,”  Rick Hill’s record and positions prove otherwise. He has, shall we say, a Woman Problem.  No, I’m not talking about Hill’s affair with a cocktail waitress.   Hill has…

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Pro-Ignorance Views Spell Trouble for Hill, GOP

Rick Hill’s pro-ignorance positions and votes on education spell trouble not just for his own chances but for other Republicans.  The problem hasn’t gone unnoticed by GOP supporters. When the GOP candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction shared her stump speech on Facebook (pictured), a…

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Political Quick Hits

Not Helpful The Mitt Romney campaign isn’t saying how it feels about being endorsed by the least popular Governor in Montana history. Republican Judy Martz basically said it was okay to let your husband beat you and had an approval rating under 20 percent. I…

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“Knee-Walking Drunk” Endorses Open Container Guy

Bitterroot state senator Jim Shockley’s citation earlier this year for drinking canned red beer while driving inspired the Republican to step down from his position. (He chaired the legislative committee drafting tougher DUI laws.)  But, it didn’t stop him from accepting the endorsement of former Senator Conrad Burns…