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Tuesday Quicktakes

If I was going to write another piece on Montana connections to the Oregon Nonsense Here’s What I’d Say

The Billings Gazette is now reporting this morning on one aspect of the Montana connection to the armed takeover of Government buildings in Oregon, that the Cowgirl blog wrote about over the weekend.

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GOP Honchos: Zinke is Slinky on Abortion

It has not been a good week for Ryan Zinke, the former state legislator from Whitefish who is running for Congress.  He is in the midst of a nasty GOP primary and his fellow Republicans are ganging up on him and making life very tough….

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Hill, Rehberg Have Time for Reflection

Several things are going through Rick Hill’s and Denny Rehberg’s minds today.  First, he is wondering why he ignored the old adage, “pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered.” Taking the $500,000 donation in circumvention of Montana law–even though the law was in a state…

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The Jesus Factor

Bowen Greenwood, the head of the Montana GOP, emailed party faithful that he will be running as a write-in candidate for clerk of the Supreme Court this fall. In the email, Greenwood wrote: I am  first and foremost a follower and friend of a guy…

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Adultery and Abuse, Front and Center

I was forwarded a juicy e-mail late last night from a tipster, but didn’t have time to blog about it and I woke up to find that Pogie at Intelligent Discontent had scooped me. Check his post out. The e-mail contains a 30 second TV…

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Political Quick Hits

Judge Rules Against Head of Local Anti-Gay Movement A district judge has ruled against Robert Dellwo, the leader of the opposition to the Helena non-discrimination ordinance. Dellwo is the head of the unaccredited Helena Christian School, which is affiliated with East Helena’s Canyon Ferry Baptist…

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Ken Miller Wins Straw Poll

Former state senator and Republican Party Chair Ken Miller on Monday overwhelmingly won the Lewistown TEA Party straw poll following the most recent candidate debate.  It’s a sign that the tide may be turning against former Congressman Rick Hill among base voters where he had previously…