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Kristen Juras: Completely Out of Touch with the Modern World

What more do you need to know. Dirk Sandefur was for many years a police officer, prosecutor, public defender and then district judge. Juras is a lunatic conservative who believes birth control and premarital sex are major problems in society, and fas said (publicly) that…


Tuesday Quicktakes

Fielder Mum on American Lands Council’s declining membership: county governments are fleeing ALC The Salt Lake Tribune this week reported that almost half of the 50 or so counties in western states that ALC had claimed as members in the past have stopped paying dues.  ALC President Jennifer Fielder…


Jim Nelson

Former Supreme Court Justice: Juras Violating the Code of Judicial Conduct

By Jim Nelson, 

Montana Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)

Montana Supreme Court candidate Kristen Juras has accused Candidate Dirk Sandefur of violating Montana’s Code of Judicial Conduct.  Since I helped write it, I know bit about this Code.  It covers not only sitting judges and justices, but also candidates for judicial office.


Monday Quicktakes

GOP Candidate Signs Bear a Striking Resemblance to Corporation’s Logo Here’s a picture of a billboard in Helena (there are similar yard signs).  It is Jim McCormick running for County commissioner in Lewis and Clark County. McCormick is from the insurance industry and a Republican. Note that…


Kristen Juras song about censoring the student paper

GUEST POST: Juras Has a Record of Selling Out Montanans

by John Heenan

John Heenan is an alumni of the University of Montana (undergrad and law school) and practices consumer protection law in Billings.  He is the Director of Montanans for Experienced Judges, a group of Montana attorneys concerned about the influence of corporations and out-of-state special interest groups in our Montana judicial elections.