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GOP Bill Would Run Government Like a Leprechaun

Bob Wagner wants to run Montana like a leprechaun.Montana’s celebration of the Butte traditions of wearing green and drinking and green vomit is almost here.  Perfect timing for Rep. Bob Wagner (R-Harrison), who just introduced his bill to require the Montana state government to conduct business with pots of gold and silver.

A key reason to oppose House Bill 513 is that the gold standard is widely thought to have been responsible for the Great Depression. Meanwhile, the main argument in favor of the proposal was difficult to discern from the sponsor’s testimony,  but had something to do with a lack of understanding of the differences between metal commodities and cash currency.

Rep. Wagner even went so far as to refute the fiscal note for the bill because:

This fiscal note is denominated in dollar units of exchange, when in fact the State has no dollar units of exchange as defined by Act 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution and Act 1, Section 9 as well as The Coinage Act of April 2, 1972.

However we assume Rep. Wagner is somehow able to put these objections aside when he cashes his legislative paycheck.