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Separatists Together

The “Defend Rural America” county secession event that several Montana elected officials are headlining December 16th uses “separation” as a euphemism for secession.  But perhaps the word choice is appropriate given this group’s ties to an infamous separatist of another kind.

Red Beckman is guy whose name you have probably heard before.

In addition to refusing to pay his taxes, Beckman believes that Jewish people are the literal children of Satan, and people of color are sub-human “mud people.” He wrote a book called “The Church Deceived,” where he wrote that the Holocaust was God’s punishment for Jews because they worship the devil.

He was a headliner at the infamous Liberty Convention–the Montana event that included keynote appearances from several white-supremacist speakers including Schaffer Cox, the Alaska militia leader who was convicted last year on 9 counts including conspiracy to kill public employees.

“Defend Rural America” (trademarked!) uses Beckman on their website and in their “literature” as an expert source to rationalize their crackpot beliefs. For example, they cite Beckman in claiming that neither the 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution, nor the Federal Reserve Bank, were “lawfully passed.” (Screenshot) The group also promotes Red Beckman seminars to train its acolytes. (Screenshot)

When it comes to secession, Defend Rural America has taken to using the word “separation” as a euphemism instead–perhaps in hopes that the naive will not be immediately repelled. On page 10 of this bizarre white paper, the group writes that secession (separation) is one of five wingnut tactics “being pursued to gain control over management of our lands”:

Separation seeks to create new states from existing states to insure rural Americans are represented. This approach is being pursued by certain counties in Colorado, California, and Oregon

Cowgirl tipsters also uncovered another connection between Defend Rural America’s leader, a new world order conspiracy theorist by the name of Kirk MacKenzie, and the tax-evading anti-Semite Red Beckman. Seems MacKenzie is a caller to the birther radio show co-hosted by Red Beckman and Montana birther Dr. Kate “Usurpathon” Vandemoer. (MacKenzie’s appearance can be heard at 90:39). “Dr. Kate” has been enlisted by Montana TEA Party activists to block tribal sovereignty rights in Montana by opposing the CSKT water compact.

Sen. Jennifer Fielder R-TEA Noxon

Sen. Jennifer Fielder R-TEA Noxon, vice-Chair of the Montana State Republican Party

But perhaps the most surprising connection here is that besides the birther state legislators and county commissioners who are keynoting this event, the vice-Chair of the Montana State Republican party is writing op-ed promoting it.

In addition to headlining this group’s event, Jennifer Fielder, the TEA Party state senator (R-Sanders County), is also openly promoting this organization in an op-ed in her local paper, the Sanders County Ledger. (Screenshots here and here–the Ledger is not online.) Those who are wondering just how far the Montana Republican Party and its elected leaders are willing to go to roll out the welcome mat to the to people with these beliefs may now have an answer.

Conference Organizers Should Disclose Names

The Flathead Beacon is reporting on the arrest of an Alaska man for plotting to kill judges and police officers.

This story has an important Montana angle.  Shaeffer Cox was “warmly received” at the Liberty Convention (read: Wingnut Convention) last May in Missoula, where numerous Montana Republicans were in attendance and where a long list of hate-filled speakers took the podium including known anti semites, militia figures and white-supremacist types.  The Beacon has posted videos of Cox’s remarks from Missoula,a sequence of which are also on YouTube.

Among the 200 attendees at the event, held at UM, were candidates and elected legislators.  We have a right to know who they were.

I visited the it the Ravalli Bell website at www.ravalli-bell.com (which is the website for Celebrating Conservatives, the group that organized the conference) and found this racist mission statement:

“It is characteristic of the conservative temperament to value established identities, to praise habit and to respect prejudice, not because it is irrational, but because such things anchor the darting impulses of human beings in solidities of custom which we do not often begin to value until we are already losing them.”

I don’t know what a “solidity” is, but these guys are saying prejudice is normal, natural and should be encouraged and nurtured. They also tout

a 1996 study on the relationship between racism and conservatism [that] found that the correlation was stronger among more educated individuals, though specifically anti-Black racism did not increase.

Featured Guest At Right Wing Conference in Missoula in 2010  is Arrested in Alaska for Plotting to Kill Judges and Police Officers

A Major US Militia figure who was a featured guest at a right-wing conference last May, attended by a number of now-elected GOP tea party legislative candidates, has been arrested in a major plot in Alaska. Read more here.

The “Liberty Convention 2010” was a nest for white supremacists, racists, anti-Semites and militia figures, as well as just plain-old right wing nutjobs.  There were one or two buried articles in the Missoulian.  The Cowgirl Blog reported on it at the time, and suggested that the media should inquire further as to who, among GOP politicians in this state, was in attendance.

Only the Flathead Beacon seemed interested in looking into the matter. They interviewed Derek Skees, R-Whitefish Kalispell, and he said that yes, he attended the conference, but essentially that “he wasn’t aware that any extremists would be there“ or aware of the speakers views, event though people like Chuck Baldwin, Shaffer Cox, Red Beckman were on the program, and even though Skees’ own campaign treasurer was one of the main sponsors of the event.

Perhaps Frank Miele of the Inter Lake cares to come on this blog and comment as to the extent of his coverage of this matter.

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