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Montana Lawmaker Responds to Constituent

by Cowgirl

[Click. Dial tone.]

That’s how a state senator reportedly responded to a bedridden constituent in need of major surgery who contacted him recently to express her support for SB 395, a bill that would provide private health insurance for 70,000 working poor in Montana –think restaurant workers, hotel staff, and ranch hands.

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Something Fishy

Why is Republican legislative candidate Liz Bangerter is using her campaign account to make donations in her husbands name?

Don Pogreba at Intelligent Discontent recently took a look into Bangerter’s campaign finace report and found some irregularities.  Bangerter’s report shows her campaign giving $620 to Republican Sandy Welch for State Superintendent, but there is no donation of $620 from the Bangerter campaign listed on Welch’s report:

 Instead, there are two individual donations from the Bangerter family, one for $310 from Elizabeth Bangerter and another for $310 from Carl Bangerter.

The contribution limit for this race is $310, not $620.  So it looks like one of these two campaigns has tried to disguise Bangerter’s campaign’s donation as two donations from Bangerter and her husband to make it appear to be within the legal limits.

The Foul 57

Republican candidates across the county have tried to distance themselves from Rep. Todd Akin, R-Mo., who believes that rape victims should be forced to give birth and said that victims of “legitimate rape” rarely get pregnant because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

That’s been much more difficult for GOPers in Montana.

A whopping 57 candidates for the Montana legislature actually voted for an amendment to the Montana Constitution to ban abortion, under all circumstances, with no exception for rape or incest.  Sen. Debby Barrett (R-Dillon) was one of them, as democratic challenger Richard Turner of Dillan smartly points out in a mail piece (pictured).

The forced birth for rape victims amendment  cleared the house and the senate with 96 votes. All Republicans voted for it except Lila Evans.  However, because it takes a 2/3 vote of 150 legislators to amend the constitution,  the amendment failed by only four votes.

Below the fold is the list of current legislative candidates who voted in favor of forced births for victims of rape and incest.  Check it out to see if your legislator is on it–I’ve alphabetized the list by town.

Shamefully, Jonathan Windy Boy and Gene Vuckovich also made the list. To be sure, there are many more GOP candidates for legislature who share these beliefs but weren’t in the 2011 session–like Scott Sales. There are also many more Republican legislators who voted for this but aren’t up for re-election this year.

 Rick Hill, Steve Daines, and Tim Fox all support Akin’s position.  Rehberg was an early major donor to Akin.

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Rick Hill’s Woman Problem

Rick Hill's record is anything but charmingWhile Judy Martz crisscrosses the state saying assuring voters that “there is no war on women,”  Rick Hill’s record and positions prove otherwise.

He has, shall we say, a Woman Problem.  No, I’m not talking about Hill’s affair with a cocktail waitress.   Hill has a problem with women voters because of his backward beliefs and miltant anti-woman voting record.  And if he becomes governor, there will absolutely be a war waged against women from the second floor of the State Capitol Building.

One wonders if Hill, had he knocked up his waitress, would have asked her to have the baby.

When the rest of the GOP was throwing Todd Akin off the boat (because of his nutty views about rape victims), Hill backed Akin up.  Hill is an absolutist on abortion.  No abortion,  in any circumstance including rape and incest, reported the top Montana women’s advocacy group this week.

When he’s in office, therefore, Hill will do what all Republicans do on abortion.  They can’t make abortion illegal outright, so they do it by death by a thousand cuts.  Limit funding for poor women who can’t afford to feed the children they already have; pass laws requiring ultra sounds and vaginal probes; allow sham clinics, run by religious zealots rather than doctors, to fraudulently operate in a way that draws unsuspecting women in, leaving them confused and misinformed.  Forbid any state institution from performing abortions. Publicly support anti-Roe ballot initiatives. With a solidly GOP legislature, a Governor Rick Hill would be an anti-choicer’s dreamboat.  And yet on this crucial issue, such a Governor would maintain a position that 90% of Montana voters oppose.

Hill has a problem.The new report by NARAL Pro-Choice Montana also shows that during his short time in the House, Congressman Hill cast 50 votes to restrict women’s reproductive rights.  And, when the right-wing Montana Family Foundation released its voter guide recently, only two candidates in the entire state of Montana even bothered to fill out the survey.   Hill was one of them (the other is Liz Bangerter– more on that later).

When asked whether he was opposed to abortion in all circumstances (e.g. even when a woman has been raped.) Hill refused to answer.  He also refused to answer the question about whether abortion should be prohibited except in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: beware when GOP candidates don’t respond to questions during campaigns.  They will screw you once they are elected.   Here is the screenshot of the questions and here are Hill’s answers.

Hill is even on the record opposing no-fault divorce–a law all 50 states have passed. Hill would have us return to centuries past, when couples were required to assign blame or fault before they could end a marriage.  The situation was especially horrendous for victims of domestic violence trapped in abusive marriages  who were left no way out without the consent of the abuser.  Hill touts his opposition to no-fault divorce in this campaign fundraising letter (PDF).

For those that are interested, here’s a screenshot of Liz Bangerter’s answers to the Montana Family Foundation questionnaire.  Here are the questions.


MEMO: Why the Montana Republican Party Repulses Women

Montana Republican Party bosses say they have “no idea” why women aren’t running as Republicans.  Today, we bring them the answers.

Reason # 1: Dennis Rehberg

Dennis Rehberg does not being called out for who he really is.Let’s start with the man at the top of your ticket.   As we all know, one of the biggest challenges your party seems concerned with is coming up with a socially, and more importantly, legally acceptable excuse for raping women.

As an example of this, look at Congressman Rehberg’s vote to prevent certain situations from “counting” as rape. Up for debate was a bill to regulate who got to decide whether or not to have the rapist’s baby, Mother Jones via Think Progress reported. Women who were to be excluded from getting the choice: those who are drugged or verbally threatened and raped, minors impregnated by adults, and women who say no but do not physically fight off the perpetrator for fear of being murdered.  This would exclude abortions as an option for women who were raped in these circumstances (drugged and unconscious, 13 year old girls impregnated by 55 year old pervs, and women who keep still for fear of being murdered) from Medicaid coverage.

Dennis Rehberg was also busted pretending to support breast cancer awareness while voting to end mammogram coverage. (Note: A mammogram is a test for breast cancer.)  He opposes equal pay for women–the guy even flipped off a pregnant constituent.   Rehberg tried to end funding for Planned Parenthood twice in the last year. The  TEA Party Congressman cosponsored and of course voted for H.R.358, the “Let Women Die” bill. H.R.358 would force doctors to let women die rather than provide abortion care.

You GOPers already know that Foster Friess, the Wall Street billionaire bankrolling Rehberg, outraged millions for saying basically that women wouldn’t need contraception if we would just keep our slutty legs closed.

“Back in my days, [women] used Bayer aspirin for contraceptives; the gals put it between their knees and it wasn’t that costly.”

A little while ago Congressman Dennis Rehberg said the War on Women was “fabricated.”

Reason # 2: Rick Hill

Just last month, former Congressman Rick Hill, who is running in your GOP primary for Governor, endorsed legalizing insurance company discrimination against women.  This means insurance companies would be allowed to charge women more for health coverage, or to exclude women’s health needs like mammograms from coverage–which is currently illegal. He’s the subject of a recent television ad about how his first wife went public over the abuse and adultery she suffered though.

In 2000, Congressman Rick Hill criticized challenger Nancy Keenan for being a single woman without children. Keenan, a former teacher, responded by saying she “wanted to have children,” but was unable to because of a hysterectomy. She also noted: “nothing is more devastating when a doctor walks into the room and says you’ll never have children” [Great Falls Tribune, "Hill Unleashes First Campaign Volley," May 25, 1999]

Republicans never seem to mention Rick Hill’s voting record.  Perhaps that is because Hill voted in support of a $115 billion cut in Medicare – a program that helps mostly women (who live longer). Hill also curbed payments to hospitals that serve a large number of poor and uninsured people who would see Medicaid payments shaved by $15 billion, and cut $2 billion from health oxygen benefits to seniors and the disabled.  These cuts also predominantly impact women and children.  Women are usually the one’s who bear the burden of caring for aging parents and family members with disabilities. [HR 2015, Roll Call 241, 6/25/97]


Reason # 3: GOP Legislators

Welcome to the land of nutters, the Montana Legislature.

h/t RastaMon

Republican legislators have twice compared women to animals to convince each other to vote for anti-women bills. Coincidentally (??), your men in the legislature also openly posted pornographic images of women and animals on their Facebook pages.

During the 2011 legislative session, you Republicans tried to legalize insurance discrimination against women. You also tried to pass an entire slate of anti-woman bills. The fact that the bills were unconstitutional didn’t stop you. It got so bad that word on the street is one of the attorneys hired to draft the unconstitutional bills quit halfway through the session.  He later began a campaign for Congress–on the Democratic ticket.

One of the bills would have forced women seeking an abortion to undergo a mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasound.  In other words, before she can get a abortion–which is her Constitutional right–she must be penetrated–with or without her consent–by an ultrasound wand in a procedure that serves no medical purpose whatsoever.  (No, the other kind of outside the tummy ultra-sound won’t work because it is too early in the pregnancy.)

There are, of course, many more reasons why the Montana Republican Party is repulsive to women, but when dealing with Republicans, it is best to give information in small doses, that you might digest it more easily.  At least now, you’ll have no excuse for pretending ignorance in the news.