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White Supremacist April Gaede Shows Up to Counter Tolerance Rally

White Supremacist April Gaede was among the small group of armed counter-protesters James Conner writes about at today’s Flathead Memo. Photos and tweets on Gaede’s twitter account show she and others held racist signs saying that immigrants are rapists. (No signs included warnings about allegations related…


GUEST POST: A Response to James Conner’s Three Canards

By Jonathan Hutson

James R. Conner and I may agree on much more than he may think, if his writings at the Flathead Memo are any indication. Like Mr. Conner, I believe that mass shooting threat suspect David Lenio is entitled to, among other things, free speech and a fair trial. Had there actually been a trial on November 9, the prosecution had wanted me to be a witness. The reason for the charges that may yet lead to a trial in January is that Mr. Lenio had crossed the line between free speech and criminal threat.


As the Kalispell School Board meeting got underway a beautiful double rainbow appeared outside.

GUEST POST: Montana Republican Majority Leader Compares LGBT Equality to Bestiality 

By Nathan Kosted, a community organizer with

Last night the Kalispell School Board continued its important and brave work by moving along an update to their non-discrimination policy that would include protections for LGBT students. While a large majority of those in attendance wore light blue shirts and were supportive of the policy change a few voices decided to take the opportunity to spread hate. One would hope this type of behavior would be limited to extremists, however some elected officials in our state continue to take part.


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Whitefish Anti-Racist Battle Featured on Rachel Maddow

The town of Whitefish’s battle against white supremacy was feature on Rachel Maddow last night.    The Flathead Beacon first reported the story. But if you go to the Beacon’s site, beware the comments section, which has been taken over by racists’ sickening ravings that make…