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It’s Peggy Miller Time

Meet a possible new first lady.

It’s Peggy Miller, wife of gubernatorial candidate Ken Miller.  Peggy has often been active holding religious seminars for legislators.

On Friday, she took the reins of her husband’s campaign and sent out a blast email saluting veterans, letting people know that among the many reasons they should be supporting the Miller ticket is that the Millers fly a giant American flag above their furniture store, and that Ken once constructed a 20-foot eagle on his front lawn, made out of American flags.

It’s an often rambling and redundancy-filled email, full of gushing praise for her husband. And the sort of suggests that Miller’s running for Governor is akin to a call to service in the military.   Like veterans, Peggy implies, Ken

“felt called to run for Governor and use his experience to serve our state, working to preserve the freedoms that we have been given — freedoms that our military fights for. This drive to preserve freedom, among many of his principles, will enable Ken to restore our Treasure State.”

But there is one juicy part, which seems deliberate to me, almost a veiled warning shot across the bow of Rick and Betti Hill.

“The way we are working on this campaign is also how we have always done things in our marriage. I am fortunate to be working side-by-side with Ken in this endeavor, just as I have with him on the dairy farm near Joliet, Montana, and with our construction and other businesses.”

“We are very thankful we have had the grace to be together for 31 years and blessed with two children, Max and Kyndall, who both attend Montana State University (go, Bobcats!).  I can honestly give a firm answer of yes whenever I’m asked if I would marry Ken again.  In fact, I did so in 2010 when we renewed our vows to each other. I admire my husband so much for the team approach we have had with our marriage and in raising our children.”

What she is really saying, in not so many words, is that she’s never brought the kids to the Sip N’ Dip bar and lounge.


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