Matthew Monforton

Jessica Karjala and Tom Woods

GUEST POST: TEA Party 10 Up to No Good

By Representative Jessica Karjala, Billings HD 48, and  Representative Tom Woods, Bozeman HD 62 Ten TEA Party legislators recently proposed a special session. Supposedly, these folks want to use this very expensive process to “address campaign finance issues.” We believe that there are ulterior motives to their…


GOP Quits Monforton Suit to Close Primary

Last year, Matthew Monforton, the Tea Party agitator and legislator in Bozeman, filed a lawsuit seeking to require all primary voters in Montana to register by party. His clients were the members of the lunatic Republican committee of Ravalli County. The idea was to prevent…


GUEST POST: MTGOP Stalls Out in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

by Carole Mackin Website Administrator for the People’s Power League. Helena, MT On May 4, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Portland , Oregon will hear the MTGOP lawsuit to close Montana”s Open Primary. The party gambled on getting a swift, favorable ruling from the…


Moderate Republican Files Challenge to Art Wittich

A Bozeman Republican who served 12 years on the Bozeman School board has filed to run in the legislative seat currently held by the embattled TEA Party legislator, Rep. Art Wittich, which is House District 68.  As the Bozeman Chronicle reported of Republican Bruce Grubb’s announcement, he’s running against…


Fred Thomas

Senator Who Ruined Montana’s Cheap Power Peddling More Lies

This week Senator Fred Thomas and fifty-five other Republican legislators signed a letter to the Governor, demanding that he “do everything in his power” to prevent Syrian refugees from settling in Montana. Good thing for Montanans that the letter was not about energy policy, for Thomas…


Gallatin GOP Invites Convicted Felon D’Souza to Keynote Fall Fundraiser

The Gallatin County Republican Party has booked convicted felon and discredited author Dinesh D’Souza to headline a “spectacular” $60 per person Republican “Fall Roundup” in Bozeman on October 17. On their website, the Gallatin GOP said they were “excited and honored” to have D’Souza at their event and promise that…


Monforton, We Will Miss You

In a statement today, Tea Party legislator and catechumen Matthew Monforton, of Bozeman has announced that he will not seek re-election.  In a statement, he said he is leaving the legislature because the Montana Republican Party is a “charade” and has been “infiltrated by Democratic…


MTGOP Leader Marks American Indian Heritage Day by Promoting Lands Takeover at Anti-Indian Conference

Fielder to Promote Land Takeover Scheme at Anti-Indian Conference Today is American Indian Heritage Day, but while many celebrate, an anti-Indian group euphemistically called the “Citizens Equal Rights Alliance” or CERA is holding a conference in Montana this weekend attacking tribal sovereignty.  The title of the conference…


GUEST POST: Ignoring the Needs of Constituents

by Dan Lourie Dan Lourie lives in Bozeman. He is a lifetime activist for peace,  justice and equality, has  written to newspapers since 1964.  During the 2015 legislative session in Helena, we watched with dismay the malevolence and utter disdain for our needs, our rights…


A Gallatin County TEA Party Protest

Leaked Transcript: TEA Party Legislators Say GOP Brand is “A Dead Rat” at the Bottom of a Can of Diet Pepsi

During a recent Gallatin County GOP event, TEA Party Republican Matthew Monforton, Art Wittich, and Tom Burnett told a small group of GOP insiders what they really think about the GOP brand, their fellow Republicans, the 2015 legislative session and the people of Montana.

A transcription of audio obtained by Cowgirl tipsters included comments by TEA Party hothead Matthew Monforton comparing the GOP brand to a dead rat at the bottom of a can of diet pepsi.  And that’s just the beginning…


Chronicle: Two Top Montana Attorneys Will Prosecute Wittich Case

The Bozeman Chronicle is reporting today that two of Montana’s best lawyers, Gene Jerussi and John Heenan have been appointed as state’s special attorneys general to prosecute the political practices case against TEA Party state Representative Art Wittich, of Bozeman. Both Jarussi and Heenan are shrewd, with good insincts in the courtroom and in politics (as is the firm’s other partner Randy Bishop).

They will play the proper role of prosecutors, which is to bring down the quarry.  So whomever represents Wittich has their work cut out for them. Perhaps it will be one of the state’s collection of famous republican attorneys like Matthew Monforton or Jim Brown at Thunderdome Law.