Medical Marijuana

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The Montana GOP Hypocrite of the Week Award Goes to….

…Steve Zabawa the anti-medical marijuana crusader who appeared in the Billings Gazette after his attempts to get in on a share of a medical marijuana business came to light. For proposing a ballot initiative to ban the possession, use or cultivation of marijuana in Montana after trying…

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2013 Legislative Preview

As the 2013 legislature arrives, here are some bills that I’m told are already being drafted by certain legislators. Some I like, some not.  You be the judge.  (For those new to the Cowgirl Blog, referring to the 2011 Nutjob Bills may provide some context)….

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Supreme Court Ruling Means Problems for Patients

The Montana Supreme Court today denied a constitutional challenge of the Montana legislature’s harmful changes to Montana’s medical marijuana law, the Missoulian reports. In September, the Supreme Court had overturned significant parts of a lower court’s ruling which blocked some of the worst parts of…


Cue the Circus Music

The State Republican Party sent its team of stalwarts to Tampa for the national convention this week. Among the delegates are veritable treasure trove of politicians who have dabbled in — or fully embraced — the wacky views, hypocrisy, and nutty ideas of the 2011 legislature.  If you…

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“Knee-Walking Drunk” Endorses Open Container Guy

Bitterroot state senator Jim Shockley’s citation earlier this year for drinking canned red beer while driving inspired the Republican to step down from his position. (He chaired the legislative committee drafting tougher DUI laws.)  But, it didn’t stop him from accepting the endorsement of former Senator Conrad Burns…

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Shockley Shockers

A couple of items from Republican Attorney General candidate Jim Shockley this week demonstrate a shocking lack of skills and indicate the state senator from Ravalli county is probably not ready for statewide office. First,  a unique fundraising piece put out by the campaign seems…