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Posted: March 14, 2014 at 8:05 am

Prison could await Tea Partiers for their dirty scheme

I realized today that  the miscreants in Bozeman–the Tea Partiers who are pretending to be Democrats, and have filed for office as Democrats–could end up in the pokey, rather than in office.  As I reported earlier this week, they appear to have used falsified residence information on their election forms.  If so, it would mean that they have probably broken numerous laws relating to false swearing, false affidavits and deceptive election practices.

Here are three sections of the Montana law that these jerks might want to read, or might have read before going through with their idiotic Tea Party scheme:

13-35-207 Deceptive election practices (six months in prison)

45-7-202 False swearing (six months in prison)

45-7-208 Tampering with public records or information (10 years or $50,000)

What’s more, the Great Falls Tribune has uncovered additional fake candidates–TEA Partiers who have filed as democrats in Sanders County, Teton County, and more in Bozeman. You can read that story here, although I originally criticized John Adams for not crediting this blog for uncovering the candidates, I was wrong–Adams did so.

The Cowgirl blog first published the story here.

The candidates uncovered so far include: David Brownell, Dane Peeples, Laura Springer, Harry Pennington, Terry Caldwell, Kathy Hollenback,  Michael Comstock, and Gerald Cullivier.

Posted: March 12, 2014 at 7:26 am

Sanders County GOP Vice-Chair Files as Democratic Candidate

Fifth Right-Wing Candidate Found to Have Falsely Filed As Democrat to Deceive Voters

Yet another candidate has come to light. in a growing list of people who have falsely filed as democrats in what appears to be a plot to undermine Montana’s elections and deceive local voters. A man who was elected in 2011 as Vice-Chair of the Sanders County Republican Central Committee, the Missoulian reported has now filed for office claiming to be a democratic candidate.

Cuvillier, on his Facebook page, urged voters to support hard-right conservative Matt French over Rehberg, praised the Arizona Republicans for criticizing their elected officials for not being conservative enough, and decried the “socialism” of “Obamacare.”

Gerald Cullivier Rehberg

Gerald Cullivier AZ GOP Gerald Cullivier Socialism
Meanwhile, more information has come to light on the false filers from Bozeman who pretended to be Democrats and each listed the same address.

Turns out Harry Pennington is a homeless man who, the Bozeman Chronicle and KBZK have reported, lives out of his car or in the local warming shelter.

Bozeman resident Harry Pennington has been sleeping in his car for about three years. ”I sleep on the driver’s side,” Pennington said. “Some times the passenger’s side.”

By the way, according to the Montana Cadastral online search tool, the owner of record for the address Pennington, Springer and Peeples used to file is 919 W. Lamme St., Bozeman: William Scott Joyner with mailing going to Christine McConnen.  Of course neither may be aware that their address is being used for this purpose. The filers could all be roommates who rent the place.

But it turns out the only Laura Springer is listed on the voter file has an address in Fortine–that’s in Lincoln County, not Gallatin–and does not appear to have ever voted in the state of Montana.

Thanks to the Cowgirl tipsters who continue to uncover this information about the fake candidates.  You can read more about what the game may be for these candidates here.  More information about the candidates seeking to undermine elections in Sanders County and Gallatin County voters here, here, and here.

The candidates are:

Gerald Cuvillier, Sanders County (see above)

Mike Comstock, Gallatin County

Laura Springer, Gallatin County

Harry Pennington, Gallatin County

Dane Peeples, Gallatin County

The tipline email is mntnacowgirl@gmail.com

The Montana Republican Party can be reached at 406-442-6469. Because these candidates are all Republicans, the state Republican Party will have a few questions to answer, too, about the ethics and honesty of blatantly seeking to deceive local voters.

Posted: March 11, 2014 at 7:05 am

TEA Party-Militia Plot Unearthed in Bozeman

The election season has just begun and already there is a nasty plot afoot in Gallatin county, hatched by the local conservatives.  It’s dirty, below-the-belt, highly dishonest stuff.  Embarrassed at the fact that they have become a national joke, the right-wing of the conservative movement has resorted to an attempt to invade and infect the Democratic Party, Trojan Horse style, and take it over. Let’s take a closer look at exactly what’s happening.

This year a bunch of  local Tea Partiers filed paperwork to run as Democrats for local legislative races. And unless the Gallatin democrats undertake a campaign to inform voters not to vote for these candidates, these imbeciles will succeed in deceiving the voters and will take seats in the 2015 legislature that the voters intended to be filled by democrats.

Let’s take a look at who they are.

Henry Pennington
Henry Pennington is a TEA Partier running as a fake democrat to deceive Bozeman Voters

This gentleman is Harry Pennington and this is Harry’s official Facebook photo.  Harry is running as a fake Democrat in SD 32. His Facebook page is littered with offensive racially-charged blather and calls to impeach Obama, and the usual nonsense one expects from these types [screenshots below] Rep. Franke Wilmer (D-Bozeman) is the actual Democrat in this race.

Harry Pennington facebook1 Harry Pennington Facebook2

RedDanePeeplesThe next TEA Partier running as a fake Democrat is Dane Peeples, who has filed for HD 62. Peebles, who goes by Red Dane online,  has an account on the TEA Party “patriot” bulletin board called the Constitution Club [screenshot.] Peeples is part of a local militia group called “the Irregulars” as you can see here. [screenshot]

If this guy, who goes by RedDane online, who is same age, astrological sign, has the same graphic interests, and who looks the same as Dane Peeples’ Facebook photos is also the Dane Peeples running for office, he appears to be looking for extra-marital hookups if any of you ladies are interested in that kind of thing. Rep. Tom Woods (D-Bozeman) is the actual democratic representative in this race.

Laura Springer is an associate of Dane Peeples, according to her account at the TEA Party “patriot” bulletin board known as the Constitution Club. Springer is also running as a fake democratic candidate in HD  63, Bozeman–although her Constitution Club profile says she lives in the Flathead.  If that’s true, she’s not legally permitted to run for this seat. [screenshot] The actual Democrat in this race is Zach Brown. 

The Constitution Club is a “patriot” site that contains postings from the group William Wolf and Joel Boniek are affiliated with –the bunch who threatened to kidnap a local judge for jailing “The Natural Man” Ernie Tertelgte.

Are three democratic candidates that have filed under the same address, 919 W Lamme in Bozeman. So we are to believe that three adult TEA Party Republicans all just happen to live together as adult roommates and are running for office. (I guess if it can happen in Havre it can happen here. At least those two had the sense to take out different PO Boxes.) Perhaps Bozeman readers will weigh in and let us know more about the address.  Unless we’re to believe that these three are all roommates, they may not be county residents at all and therefore may not be legally permitted to run. Harry doesn’t list a phone number of the Secretary of State’s filing page, but Laura and Dane do.

The Montana Republican Party certainly lists a phone number: 406-442-6469. Because these candidates are all Republicans, the state Republican Party will have a few questions to answer, too, about the ethics and honesty of blatantly seeking to deceive local voters.  This could turn into yet another embarrassment for Republicans in Montana, and Springer, Peeples, and Pennington should immediately withdraw their candidacies.

UPDATE: I’m told that there are more fake candidates out there who have filed as democrats — readers like you are the most likely people to know who they are–email the tip line at mntnacowgirl@gmail.com and help spread the word. Tips are starting to come in.  Here’s the latest fake candidate to be uncovered. 

UPDATE: March 12: A fake candidate in Sanders County was found. Sanders County GOP Vice-Chair Files as Democratic Candidate Here’s the list to date.

Gerald Cuvillier, Sanders County

Mike Comstock, Gallatin County

Laura Springer, Gallatin County

Harry Pennington, Gallatin County

Dane Peeples, Gallatin County

UPDATE: March 14 – The Great Falls Tribune has uncovered 2-3 additional TEA Party Republicans who have falsely filed as Dems to deceive voters. Here’s the Great Falls Tribune  piece [pdf].

Posted: November 10, 2012 at 7:54 am

Collapse of U.S. is Imminent

Republican Mike Comstock Official Facebook PhotoTEA Party Republican Mike Comstock says the outcome of the elections will be the “inevitable collapse” of the United States.

In an opinion piece in the Bozeman Chronicle this week, Comstock, who has twice run unsuccessfully for the legislature, says this collapse must happen to bring about another “Civil War” so that we can “rebuild a new nation of citizens.”

Comstock was one of a number of TEA Party Republicans who sought to deceive the voters by filing as Democratic candidates.  No one was fooled.

Comstock’s main campaign focus was concern about a possible takeover by “a one-world UN controlled government,” the Bozeman Chronicle has reported.  In his campaign literature and on Facebook, he said he was worried about the impending collapse of civilization.  He proudly calls himself “a TEA Party extremist” and believes  the Muppets have “sold out to socialism and bad behavior.” 

Posted: February 14, 2012 at 6:57 pm

New World Order Conspiracy Theorist Files for Bozeman Senate Seat

Republican Mike Comstock Official Facebook Photo

It was revealed today to the Cowgirl blog tip line that Republicans have filed a “one-world government” conspiracy theorist for state senate in the Bozeman/Belgrade area.

But there is a twist:  Mike Comstock  (pictured) is actually running in the Democratic senate primary.

This is the GOP’s response to the news that firefighter Kurt Bushnell–a pro-union Republican moderate–recently jumped into the Republican primary in this same race, to challenge Scott Sales for the GOP nomination.  Sales, the former Montana Speaker of the House who left the legislature and now wants back in, is under fire because his wife could be going to the slammer for embezzlement.

Thus Bushnell stands a chance to win the GOP nomination in a district where the GOP nominee always wins the general election.  The GOP, however, believes that Bushnell is an impostor, a Democrat, simply because he is pro-labor.

And so the GOP has come up with an answer: get a right-wing lunatic to run in the Democratic primary, and hope that Democratic voters never figure out that he is a Trojan horse.

Comstock actually won a Republican primary in 2010, in another legislative district, but lost to Democrat Larry Jent in the general election. He is a big name in Gallatin County Republican Party (his Republican campaign was featured on the Gallatin County GOP website (here’s a screenshot for when they take it down).  His candidate website contains a list of Republican issues with broken links.

Comstock’s main focus is his concern about a possible takeover by “a one-world UN controlled government,” the Bozeman Chronicle has reported.  In his campaign literature and on Facebook, he says he is worried about the impending collapse of civilization.  He proudly calls himself “a TEA Party extremist” and believes  the muppets have “sold out to socialism and bad behavior.”   He is also in a band he named “Comstock Load” (gross).

On his website he makes comments like “Obamacare exemption for Muslims,” anyone?) and ”The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”   He puts forward an enthusiastic opinion of the pack of Republicans running for Governer (“I think out of the eight, there are…at least six that I’m really excited about.)

What’s hilarious about the whole business is that Comstock’s stealth candidacy will produce no result at all for the Republican Party.  The district in which Comstock, Bushnell and Sales are running is a heavily Republican district. Anyone, even a right-wing nut, with a D next to his name is doomed.