Mike Milburn

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TEA Party Republican Representative Keith Regier has been comparing women to cattle again in an analogy that he claims explains our “value.” Here is the audio of Rep. Regier’s comments in the Senate Judiciary committee this week, but as you’ll hear listening to the clip,…

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More Harm Than Good

The Great Falls Tribune reported on a meeting this morning between Governor Schweitzer and Republican leadership to discuss the budget and workers compensation.  The GOP leadership appears to be continuing to try to pretend that we don’t have the funds available to fund schools and…

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Editorial Board Calls Out GOP for Wasting Session On Frivolous Bills

The Missoulian’s editorial board today excoriates the Montana Legislature for focusing on social issues and frivolous, unconstitutional bills instead of focusing on jobs. Exactly how do these proposals relate to jobs and Montana’s still-struggling economy? For that matter, why are legislators talking about requiring ultrasounds…