Mike Phillips

Thursday Quicktakes

TEA Party Sen. Jennifer Fielder New Head of Extremist Group The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting this week that TEA Party, militia affiliated state Senator Jennifer Fielder will replace Ken Ivory as head of the ludicrous public land takeover quacks known as the American Lands Council.  The…


GUEST POST: Gallatin Valley Dems Disagree

by Rep Tom Woods (D) HD 62  Sen Mike Phillips(D) SD 31 Sen JP Pomnichowski (D) SD 33 Rep Zach Brown (D) HD 63 Rep Chris Pope (D) HD 65 Rep Denise Hayman  (D) HD 66 It was disappointing to see that most of the Republican…


Trappers try to expand their cruel hobby

Another bill may soon be submitted to the Governor that trappers believe would strengthen their right to torture animals. The Cowgirl Blog has consistently voiced opposition to the practice of trapping, and I must do so again here. The practice is barbaric (here is a photo from the…