The Bundys Are Coming…?

by Justin Robbins

Since the 2014 Bundy Ranch armed standoff, and the Mahleur occupation early this year, I have become somewhat fascinated with the apparently growing “patriot” movement in this country. Not, you understand, out of a nagging fear my tax dollars are managing too much wilderness for my children to enjoy; more so a fascination with the ideas underlying the phenomenon. 


GUEST POST: The Trouble With Avoiding Trouble

by Justin Robbins Robbins is a frequent contributor to the Cowgirl Blog. You can follow him on Twitter at @JustinRobbins15  Finding myself largely aggravated by the militia takeover of an Oregon bird sanctuary, I have spent an unusual amount of time researching the circumstances leading…


NEW REPORT Exposes Links Between Land Takeover Movement, Anti-Government Extremism Groups

The Center for Western Priorities released a new report this week exposing the many connections between anti-government extremist groups and beliefs and state lawmakers who support a takeover of Montana’s public lands.  It’s apparent given last week’s arrival of armed, camouflaged “constitutional advocates” in Lincoln and the armed standoff at Cliven…

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Militia Member Says He Did Not Sign Up to Put the Hit on President

A self-proclaimed “Captain” with a Montana Militia group has written in to the Cowgirl Blog to protest an item I linked to by Americans Against the TEA Party entitled “‘Christian’ Militia Leader NOW Networking Militias To Assassinate President Obama (Screenshots)” In the article you can…

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Fringe Political Element’s Election Plot Uncovered

The Missoulian is reporting that a cabal of far right wingers that are part of a  “fringe political element” has launched a campaign to take over the board of trustees at  Flathead Valley Community College. I can understand why local community leaders are afraid.  School…

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Right-Wing Editor of the Daily Inter Lake is Way Far Gone

A week after writing an editorial in which he offered an impassioned defense of birthers, birther bills and the birther movement, Frank Miele–the ultra-right-wing editor of the Flathead Daily Inter Lake–has outdone himself. Miele’s latest column takes aim at the “far left wing Associated Press”…

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Some Questions On the Montana GOP’s Militia Proposal

Tim Ravndal kindly shared with the rest of the world last night the real meaning of Wendy Warburton’s  (R-Havre)  HB 278. Why do we need a militia?  What’s wrong with the Montana National Guard?  Does Warburton have a personal hatred of the Havre outpost? The…

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Bozeman At Risk of Electing Militia Candidate

Bozeman might unwittingly be sending a miltia man to the legislature. Here are some bits of information about GOP candidate Tom Burnett, who is running against JP Pomnichowski, and who seems to have dabbled in some of the darker endeavors of the Far Right fringe. Casey Emerson, a…