Monica Lindeen

Montana Democratic Party

Big Weekend for Democrats

The Big Weekend is soon upon us, the state Democratic Convention in Bozeman.  It will be an exciting time. Democrats will continue to celebrate their success in state government, not only the electoral successes (four of the five state offices) but the policy successes that…


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Senate Candidate will be chosen next week

With the announcement that John Walsh has departed the Senate race, the Democratic party is planning a date TBD next week as the nominating convention for Walsh’s replacement. The “central committee” will decide the matter. This group is composed of 175 or so party officers such…

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Cleaning Up the TEA Party’s Messes

Montana’s Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen is on the road this week, answering questions and clearing up myths about the Affordable Care Act.  She’s also  helping people find out about the new ways they can save money under the Affordable Care Act, which goes into place today….

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Schweitzer Takes a Pass on Senate

Brian Schweitzer surprised the state of Montana today when he announced that he would not be running for Senate.  It’s surprising because he was such a heavy favorite.  But it’s unsurprising too, because he has long maligned the US Senate as a do-nothing institution that…

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Much Ado About Nothing

by Cowgirl A terrible thing will soon happen in Montana. It is a nightmare: as reported in the Helena IR today, there will soon be a website which will advertise low-cost health insurance plans, affordable to people who cannot presently afford to buy insurance. These…

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TEA Party Meltdown

TEA Party activists wearing Derek Skees t-shirts disrupted a fraud prevention even State Auditor Monica Lindeen held in the Flathead last week.  The culprits were malcontents Annie Bukacek and her husband Roland Horst.  Left in the West‘s Carla Augustad, who was at the event, has the story.   It’s a must-read….

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The Crackpot Pledge

The Flathead Memo is reporting on a crackpot TEA Party end-of-the world pledge that has actually been signed by four candidates running for statewide office of the Republican ticket. Signers include Derek Skees, Republican for State Auditor who proudly wore a Confederate flag emblazoned on…