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Hardhitting Mailer: Bigot in Bozeman

A mailer in Bozeman has surfaced, calling Tom Burnett, the Tea Party Candidate, a bigot because he told gay people that they are the equivalent of people who practice beastiality, incest, and pedophilia. (What is pictured here is not the mailer, if someone has a copy, send it to me and I’ll post it. )

Marnee Banks blogged about it recently, though not about the substance of the issue.  Rather, she questions why the mailer uses this site as a source. The reason the mailer cited my blog, I presume, is that shortly after Tom Burnett wrote these despicable anti-gay statements on his own website, he removed them. He removed it because locals in Bozeman were horrified. A few local folks even ran ads in the Chronicle, denouncing him for the comments (ad pictured).

The state press corp missed it or simply didn’t care, but this blog was on the scene and covered it, catching the ugly anti-gay bigot Tom Burnett making bigoted remarks, then trying to cover them up like a dog who kicks dirt backwards with his hind legs after doing his business.

“Man Purse-gate” Becomes Statewide Story

Matt Gouras, Associated Press, has done a profile of Cowgirl, citing my blog as having an “uncanny knack” for getting the inside scoop! Sorry for you GOPers who don’t know how to set up a blog to receive tips or use Google.

Under discussion in his piece–in fact the reason he wrote the piece–is the “controversy” about the “Man v. Man Purse” dueling photos.  Gouras uses the article to ask rhetorically whether it “crossed the line” and said I was “under fire” from liberals (I guess one or two people qualifies as an entire movement for Gouras, but not to the rest of the world.)  As my fellow blogger and activist ally D. Gregory Smith who blogs at From Eternity to Here and Bilerico.com says:

Cowgirl has never presented herself as anything other than an ally in the struggle for LGBT Montanan’s rights. She’s entitled to a little tongue-in-cheek humor as far as I’m concerned.

But whatever, the fact is that Jamee Greer is an amazing organizer. I’ve  praised his work in the past and appreciated the kind words and information he’s provided to this blog time and again.  I am sincerely sorry to offend him, and have greatly appreciated all the comments on my post on Roy Brown.

Given what Tea Party candidates around the state are doing and saying (in Whitefish they are hanging around with Militia members and Nazi apologists; in Bozeman they are calling gays beastialists, in Helena they are distorting the truth about health and tolerance, in Red Lodge they are making vulgar slurs, and the GOP platform calls for imprisoning gay citizens), I’m planning to continue to fight hate from here on out.

Actually, the most salient part of Man-Purse-gate is what happened a week after the photos were posted: a TV commercial aired, revealing that Roy Brown never hunted in Montana until he ran for Governor and went out and bought a hunting license to help his political career, posing for an idiotic photo with a bunch of dead geese, a la John Kerry in 2004.  (See below.)  So it potentially takes on more relevance now, and perhaps vindicates the original purpose in my talking about a man purse, which was that Roy is an urban landlord, not a rugged outdoorsman. Sexual orientation had nothing to do with it.

And as for the likelihood that Roy and his geese get the same front-page coverage as Kerry’s geese (Kerry’s goosegate was front page material in the days before the 2004 election), my guess is that the Gazette will not cover Roy’s goosegate at all, simply because this time it’s a  Republican, not a Democrat, who is eating goose.

John Kerry treats the second amendment as a photo op.Roy Brown treats the second amendment as a photo op.

Why I started a new blog

There have been some odd comments on Left in the West about why I started a new blog, whether I was kicked off, and what the reasons might be.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I started a new blog because I thought it would be fun.  I thought it would be interesting to have a blog with a different take, to add a different voice to the mix of excellent blogs already out there and increase the discussion.  Many of them are included in my blogroll to the right.

I did not get “kicked off” Left in the West, nor did I have some kind of ideological disagreement with Matt and Jay. I think that they and their blog are fabulous.

I just didn’t want the effort and research I put into the scoops and posts I wrote to potentially languish on a back page.  I also thought that it would be interesting to have a forum for analysis of political actions and looks at news behind the stories reported in the Montana paper.  This is why I set up this blog.

Thanks for reading and speaking your mind here.  I also will be having guest posters on occasion to increase the amount of interesting content this blog brings to you.  I you have something to say or are interested in being a guest poster, please let me know.

Welcome to Montana’s New Political Gossip Blog


This site will now be the place that you can find the Montana political gossip, satire, and behind-the-news analysis that I’ve been writing about over at Left in the West for the past couple of years.

This new political gossip blog is something that is currently missing from the Montana blogosphere.  We’ll discuss breaking news, rumors, and inside scoops along with serious matters of politics and policy. While liberal in outlook, the site will be critical of Republicans, Democrats, and independents and will be accountable only to you, the readers and commenters.

I’m thankful to Matt and Jay for allowing me to join them as a front page post at Left in the West over the years, and for making an effort to foster more female bloggers.  I’ve had great fun writing here and I’m thankful for your tips, comments, and even for the opportunity to discuss our disagreements!  I look forward to  continuing our conversations at Montana’s new political gossip blog: www.mtcowgirl.com and to continuing to receive your news tips at mntnacowgirl@gmail.com