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GOP Voter Suppression Campaign Escalating, Media Begins to Notice

There was a time when Republicans were at least embarrassed by their efforts to keep likely democratic voters  from the polls. Republican Executive Director and Party Chair Jake Eaton and Erik Iverson were all but drummed out of the state  after their efforts to keep people with address changes (including active service members) from voting in the 2006 election came to light.
Now, its a leading issue across the U.S., and the media are finally taking notice. And even though the measures are so shameful as to be legally dubious, they are moving forward, as Politico reports:

Nonetheless, because of the GOP tsunami in November — Republicans control 21 more state legislative chambers than they did a year ago — the measures are also enjoying more success than they used to. Meanwhile, the unshakable conviction among some Republicans that Obama’s election was a terrible mistake for America lends urgency to the quest to deny him another term.

In Montana, despite the failure of GOP voter suppression efforts in the state legislature, strategically blocked by minority democrats and vetoed by the Governor, the R’s are moving full speed ahead any way they can.  Congressman Rehberg has tapped Erik Iverson, who was GOP chair during the first voter supression attack, to lead his campaign.  We’ll also need to be on the lookout for police  and GOP attorneys placed at minority, low income, and student polling locations.