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Montana Standard to Out Anonymous Commenters Retroactively After Media Mogul Criticized

The Montana Standard today announced they will no longer allow anonymous commenters and plan expose the real names of all anonymous and pseudonymous commenters retroactively. The Butte, America Lee Newspapers affiliate posted the announcement online, saying anyone who wishes to  submit comments after Christmas will have their “real names”…


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Double Talk from a Right-Wing Publisher

Montanans have reacted with outrage to the lies being spread by the fake newspapers called the Montana Statesman and the deceptive mailers that arrived on doorsteps courtesy of the American Traditions Partnership. But the reaction from Randy Rickman, the right-wing publisher of the Helena IR…

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Questions at the IR

A series of strange occurrences at the Helena IR in recent days. First, a bizarre editorial was penned  Sunday by the paper’s CEO, suggesting that the very existence of the newspaper may be in doubt. Randy Rickman, the paper’s boss, wrote that “rumors of our demise have…

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Media Quick Hits

A Blow to Good Journalism On the same day it was announced Mary Junck, Lee CEO, received a $500,000 bonus for taking her company into bankruptcy, Lee Newspapers laid off people in Helena and Butte, KXLH is reporting. Montana Nutjobs Back in the National Spotlight…

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Let’s Just Make Billings the Capital City

As Pogie at Intelligent Discontent writes, the publisher of both the Helena IR and the Montana Standard, Randy Rickman, believes that the newspaper of Montana’s capital city doesn’t need independent editorial oversight – we can just share an editor with Butte. Rickman’s high quality judgement and…