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Kristen Juras ad

Kristen Juras: Completely Out of Touch with the Modern World

What more do you need to know. Dirk Sandefur was for many years a police officer, prosecutor, public defender and then district judge. Juras is a lunatic conservative who believes birth control and premarital sex are major problems in society, and fas said (publicly) that…


The Dangers of the Divine

by Justin Robbins

He who can be made to believe absurdities, can be made to commit atrocities – Voltaire

Ever since our species (Homo sapiens) crossed whatever the threshold was between an instinctual level of consciousness and being cognitively self-aware, we have invented mythologies to explain the things we otherwise cannot. This seems true of every culture or societal construct we now know, or have ever known.


GUEST POST: Cascade Co. Attorney Sets Record Straight After “Ludicrous” Innuendo, Lies in Supreme Court Race

by John W. Parker

John W. Parker is the Cascade County Attorney.  He previously served as Chairman of the Law and Justice Interim Committee in the Montana Legislature.

I have spent my entire legal career as a prosecutor.  Judge Dirk Sandefur presided over many of my most significant cases.  He possesses a brilliant legal mind and a work ethic no one can match.  Now unscrupulous political operatives


National Republican Party Bankrolls False Attack Ads in MT Judicial Race

The lies about Judge Sandefur’s record are funded by the Republican State Leadership Committee, which is spending big money to elect a Montana Supreme Court candidate with no judicial experience and so little local support she hasn’t even been able to raise $40,000 for her own campaign. KXLH…


GUEST POST: Retired Supreme Court Justices Endorse Sandefur

The undersigned urge that District Judge Dirk Sandefur be elected as a Justice to Montana’s Supreme Court.  He has the temperament and the broadest professional background of any candidate for the Supreme Court—including the skills that are indispensable for analyzing and deciding all civil and…


GUEST POST: Courts Owe Common Sense on Cannabis Deadline

by Evan Barrett, who lives on the Butte Hill, recently retired after 47 years at the top level of Montana government, politics, economic development and education. My columns try to call for a common sense perspective in our government and politics.  While I approach things…


The Juras Campaign’s Barefaced Embrace

Some Montana voters and politicos pretty much ignore the Montana Supreme Court non-partisan judicial races until the very last minute, when they ask their favorite lawyer how to vote.  2016 Montana Supreme Court Candidate Kristin Juras may be betting on this trend. Anyone who is…


Media, Financial Moguls funded Illegal Campaign Group

List includes a handful of wealthy out-of-state landowners with interest in Supreme Court litigation If you smell a stench, it’s probably from the breaking news today that the names of the donors to the Montana Growth Network–a dark money group that spent $878,000 to elect…


Kim Davis Mug Shot

GUEST POST: Victim, Hero, or the Face of Hate?

by Justice Jim Nelson, Montana Supreme Court, Retired

The swings in public perception are amazing. Case in point: Kim Davis, the Kentucky Clerk who thumbed her official nose at the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that marriage is a fundamental right of all persons, not just heterosexuals.  Not on Davis’ watch, that is.

No marriage licenses to gays and lesbians would be issued over her official title, because to do so would violate her personal religious beliefs.  That, apparently, is the belief that the Bible and the “loving” God who inspired it and who created all people in his own image, condemns marriages which are not between one man and one woman.


MT Commissioner of Political Practices Issues Campaign Violations Decision on Stanford, Dartmouth Fake Mailer Scandal, Refers Profs to County Prosecutor

The MT Commissioner of Political Practices has issued a decision that the scandal in which Stanford “researchers,” along with a researcher at Dartmouth College, sent 100,000 fake “voter guides” into Montana, with the look and feel of official state voter guides. You can see the fake voter guides at the Flathead Memo here….


No Picture

BREAKING: National Far Right Working to Flip MT Supreme Court

Today, a national exposé  by Right Wing Watch revealed that right-wing religious extremists and the corporate right have been quietly working to pour massive amounts of out-of-state money into the Montana Supreme Court race hoping to change the balance of the Montana Supreme Court.  As Miranda Blue…