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Nels Swandal exposes his views on the ‘puter

In an election year where Montana’s Congressman claims Facebook and Twitter are more reliable than the press because they don’t “filter”  his message, and the Abercrombie and Fitch bedbug outbreak is rocketing through the wardrobes of Republican staffers forcing them to do more work from home ‘au naturale’, the messages right-wing candidates and aides send out on social media is coming through loud and clear.

For example, the Missoula Independent looked at the filter-free ‘tubes this week and found that a Republican was calling himself a Democrat.

And now, quick peek at the Facebook page of a certain non-partisan judicial candidate finds him the happy fan of a plethora of Republican candidates, far-right causes, and prominent Republican-favoring PACs. If Nels Swandal isn’t a loyal Republican, he’s certainly fooled the Montana GOP.

Nels Swandal takes to the intertubes to expose his views.

In his wink-and-a-nod attempt to show party identification, Swandal is aligning himself with partisan organizations and candidates because he wants them to know that if they help him win they can expect his election to pay off dividends down the road. And if he’s elected, it will.