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Another Tough But Fair Campaign Mailer in the Flathead

It turns out that GOP candidate from Columbia falls Jerry O’Neil in his hiatus from the legilature is up to no good. Several run-ins with the law according to the North Valley PAC, which has posted one side of the mailer and the source material online:

The PAC sent a mailer which detailed the run-ins, which reads, on the other side:

JERRY O’NEIL, candidate for House District 3,
has a long record of run-ins with the law—

Held in Contempt of Court (stood trial and was found guilty November, 2004, Lake County court)

Charged with Practicing Law Without a License (cited by Supreme Court commission, 2001)

Abuse of an Elder / Exploitation of an Incapacitated Elder / Trespassing
(issued formal warnings by the State, March 2010; ordered to cease and desist his conduct)

O’Neil is running against Zac Perry for the Columbia Falls house seat, House District 3.