Pam Bucy


Montana to Get New Lt. Governor

As everyone knows by now, it was announced Monday morning that the lieutenant governor, Angela McLean, is departing to take a job at the Office of Higher Education. In her new job she will be Director of American Indian and Minority Achievement & K-12 Partnerships…

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Senate Candidate will be chosen next week

With the announcement that John Walsh has departed the Senate race, the Democratic party is planning a date TBD next week as the nominating convention for Walsh’s replacement. The “central committee” will decide the matter. This group is composed of 175 or so party officers such…

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Baucus to China

The big news today is that Max Baucus is Obama’s choice for ambassador to China. On the one hand it’s surprising, because Max has shown signs of slowing down in recent years

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Corruption Defines Montana’s 2012 Elections

Montana’s 2012 elections will go down in history–but not in a good way. Rather, this cycle will be remembered for corruption, lies, deceptive ads, illegal donations, apparent illegal coordination with third-party groups, and secret corporate money. The season was kicked off with TEA Party Republican legislator…

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GUEST POST: Bucy Wins Integrity Vote

In the can-too, can-not keep-the-cash debate, Democrat candidate for Attorney General Pam Bucy wins for integrity. She did the right thing by returning $35,000 donated by her party during the 6-day, campaign contribution free-for-all before the 9th Circuit Court called it off. At first, her…

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Foxy Fact Check

The Washington DC group known as the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) is spending $700,000 of corporate cash to try to defeat Pam Bucy.  But they couldn’t find a source to back up the lies they are spewing forth in their TV ads.  So, they…

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Johnson Defends Illegal Bonuses

The Billings Gazette has endorsed Linda McCulloch for Secretary of State this week.  The endorsement isn’t suprising.  McCulloch has done a great job in the office. What is suprising is that Brad Johnson is still trying to defend his sullied record. Johnson looted the SOS…

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Bucy Leads on Public Access

A Madison County judge this week has weakened Montana’s stream access law by limiting public access to streams from bridges on roads with historic prescriptive easements. It’s just the latest attack an access to public land–and this setback for hunters and anglers will need to be…