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GOP Speaker of the House Caught Skipping Key Votes to Party

Montana GOP Speaker of the House Millburn (R-Cascade) went M.I.A. and skipped several crucial votes this weekend.  Unfortunately for him, pictures of Millburn partying with GOP insiders that same day have now come to light.

Millburn missed a vote on HB 292 to amend the Montana Constitution (after voters just said “no thanks” to a constitutional convention) to weaken our right to a clean and healthful environment. He also missed a vote on a key agriculture measure, among others.

One may argue that some of these votes weren’t close.  But if that means these bills and votes don’t really matter, why don’t we send a bunch of these bozos home?

Advice to Millburn, if you are going to skip votes to party, do it away from the press. Others who missed the votes and may have thought partying was more important than doing their job are Skees, Arntzen, Stahl, and Beck.  If this is true, they at least managed to stay away from the cameras.