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Caron Cooper, Independent Candidate for Montana Public Service Commissioner

GUEST POST: Troubling trends on Montana’s PSC

By Caron Cooper, PhD

Caron Cooper is an independent candidate for the Montana Public Service Commission District 3 seat in southwest Montana. She is not accepting PAC or corporate funding. Find her on Facebook or at

My morning routine typically involves coffee and NPR in the kitchen. In 2014, I began to hear stories about…


House Rules Battle on Medicaid Expansion Compromise: Explained

TEA Party Speaker of the House Austin Knudsen tries to end MT legislative session rather than even debate GOP Medicaid expansion compromise bill There has been some confusing reporting out about the TEA Party battle to block Sen. Buttrey’s compromise Medicaid expansion alternative from getting a full…


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2015 Legislative Caucuses Meet Today

How this work – and what it means Today, Montana’s new and returning legislators will convene for the first time to get some training, meet as R and D caucuses, and vote for leadership. In the 2015 session there are a number of candidates vying…