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Gossip for Your Weekend Cocktails

First, strong words from Wulfgar at A Chicken Is Not Pillage”

The next time some right wingnut tells you how the state is, you know that they’re lying or ignorant or both.

He makes the case for the statement well in this must read post.  And if your friends are wondering what the GOP is saying about all the national negative attention,the post provides some great fodder for conversation in the form of a summary of what Montana’s rightwing blogs are saying(so we don’t have to go there.)

Second, are you heading out with some outdoor loving friends this weekend?  Chat up your friends over beers on the deck at Great Divide with some of the latest and most intelligent discussion of Montana’s climate change denier (Note: He denies climate change is true, but if it is true, global warming is great stuff).

Finally, the item everyone will be talking about  and the one thing you don’t want to miss listening to is the prank call to WI Gov Scott Walker by a gonzo journalist pretending to be national TEA Party bankroller David Koch: