Presidential Primary

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Heavenly Polygamy

A few right-wingers came out with predictable fake outrage last week, when Brian Schweitzer suggested that Mitt Romney might be squeamish about talking openly about his Mexican heritage due to the presence of polygamists in his line of ancestors. The talking point fashioned by Montana…


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Political Quick Hits

 Pass the Caviar, Congressman Hill We know that former GOP Congressman Rick Hill’s campaign for Governor has made some questionable expenditures. But champagne, really? If this is how the campaign spends money, I’d hate to see what they do with our tax dollars.   Rehberg…

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GOP Race for the White House: Season 2012

America no longer cares about Sarah Palin’s Alaska, it appears, as a second season for Palin’s reality show has been cancelled.  Nor are there any takers for her latest reality show idea–this one about her husband Todd’s competitive snowmobiling “career.” Not that we need more…

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Bowen Greenwood Craves Santorum‏

The head of the Montana Republican Party has announced his support for Rick Santorum despite the fact that Newt Gingrich is leading all other presidential primary candidates by nearly 30 points in Montana.  GOP Executive Director Bowen Greenwood announced his yearning for Santorum in a…