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Well Played, Ravalli Dems

Ravalli County Dems have exactly zero interest in letting cackling TEA Party simpletons succeed in their plot to take over the local Democratic organization.  This week, they are fighting back.

After seven teabaggers filed paperwork to run for Democratic precinct committee person, a party leadership position, the Missoulian is reporting that local Dems will have write-in candidates for every single precinct in Ravalli County.

Ravalli County Democratic Central Committee chair John Meakin and vice-chair Corrine Gantt expect to have 44 (a record number) official write-in affidavits for these party leadership positions.  The filings come after a nasty plot was discovered in Ravalli county, hatched by the local Tea Party.   Embarrassed at the fact that they have become a national joke, the Montana Tea Party resorted to an attempt to invade and infect the Democratic Party, Trojan Horse style, and take it over.

When you vote in a primary in Montana, there is a place on your ballot to vote for “precinct committee person.” This is an unusual item to be found on a ballot for a state election because a precinct captain is a Party post, not a government office. Yet Democratic and Republican ballots both provide this opportunity to vote for a candidate for this political position.

And what is a precinct committee person? There is one elected from each voting precinct in every county, and these people make up what is called the “central committee” for the county. A central committee is simply the governing board of the county party.

The fraudulent TEA Party candidates are: Lyle E. Goracke, Jan Wisniewski, Donna Gibney, Pamela Nearpass, Catherine Lieberth, Wayne K. Dunkin and David J. Erickson.

So far, the plot to prevent local Dems from turning out voters in support of Steve Bullock, Jon Tester, and others appears to have backfired.  Instead of being overrun by fraud-intent imbeciles, the local democrats are more organized than ever.

Ravalli TEA-Baggers Join in Favorite GOP Pastime

Ravalli County TEA baggers have joined in a favorite Republican pastime: lying and deception.  The TEA Partiers know they can’t win on ideas or ideology.  Instead, they’re resorted to fraud to thwart the Dems’ electoral chances by filing TEA baggers for local Democratic leadership positions.

TEA Party Republicans have proven they have no qualms about lying to voters or the press.   It’s all part of a greater Republican strategy to suppress the vote. Here’s how it works.

By causing confusion about which candidates are fake Dems which are not, the TEA party is hoping some Democrats won’t vote in the precinct level races at all–or vote for the wrong candidate.  The confusion will force local Dems to spend more resources—resources they could have used to help elect Bullock, Tester and legislative candidates in the fall.

Plus, the TEA Party’s fake precinct people will be able to vote for local central committee leadership and propose changes to the Democratic Party Platform.  If Democratic central committees are tied up by spear hunting resolutions and ineffective leadership, the Republicans reason, they won’t be able to turnout as many voters in November.

Expect to see the Republicans repeat this trick in other counties. That’s because Montana has two top nationally targeted races this year–for Governor and U.S. Senate. With so much money being spent in Montana, there will be very few undecided voters.  This means the election will be decided by who is best able to turn out voters for their candidates. Voter turnout is of course where local central committtees are invaluable.

The upshot is that the Ravalli Dems say the fraud has energized its membership to get the truth out to voters.  Which brings us to the quote of the day from Corrine Gantt, the Dems’ central committee vice-chair who has some ideas for putting the new central committee “leaders” to work:

“I look forward to providing all of them with T-shirts that proclaim in big letters that they support President Obama that can be read from 50 feet away,” Gantt said. “They will be expected to wear these shirts in all of the summer parades while they are carrying signs that say how much they support our issues. Since they signed up willingly to take on these responsibilities, I have no question that they have every intention of honestly taking their place in our organization.”