Richard Spencer

Tolerence for a Paradox

by Justin Robbins A short time ago, I was unhappily compelled to rise in defense of snow-colored flake Richard Spencer after he was caught on camera slamming his face into the elbow of an anti-Nazi demonstrator. If social media shares and comments are any indicators,…


In Defense of Freedom…and Nazis

by Justin Robbins It became clear on the morning of November 9, 2016, the future would contain ample fodder on which people like me, the chronically righteously indignant, might focus our ire. Readers of this blog will recall it took me little time to assail…


Putting the White in Whitefish

by Justin Robbins

I don’t intend this post to do much beyond inform and educate. I almost hesitate to use the term “educate” because it implies I may have knowledge that has been in some way denied to others. That is by no means certain.


No Picture

Whitefish Anti-Racist Battle Featured on Rachel Maddow

The town of Whitefish’s battle against white supremacy was feature on Rachel Maddow last night.    The Flathead Beacon first reported the story. But if you go to the Beacon’s site, beware the comments section, which has been taken over by racists’ sickening ravings that make…