Rick Blake

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Who Cares What the Voters Want

At first glance, it would seem that the wealthy Whitefish landowner who spent big bucks trying to put a slate of developer and industry toadies on the Whitefish City Council suffered a big defeat when citizens voted down the entire special interest bunch. However, wealthy…

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Political Quick Hits

Back in the National News Rob Kailey at Left in the West this week highlights just what kind of wackos the fringe elements in Montana have attracted. It’s a must read, especially given the fact that Chuck Baldwin understands very well he his chances of becoming…

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The Ground Zero of Slime

City Commissions have been the hot topic in Helena and Great Falls of late, but nowhere are local politics filled with more intrigue, money, and slime than in the Flathead. A city election would normally be a local contest with little statewide interest. But this…