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Outsourcing, Not Creationist Museums, Will Prove to Be Gianforte’s Kryptonite

GOP candidate sensitive when called “outsourcer”
There has been a persistent question about Greg Gianforte, the fundamentalist zealot and apparent Republican nominee for governor, that has hounded him for several years.  And it is this: did he make his money by outsourcing jobs? When the Democratic Party made this assertion about him, he became so enraged that he filed a lawsuit against them.  (And, like a dog rolling over on its back, looking to be scratched, the party lay down and settled the case by agreeing to retract the assertion that Gianforte outsourced jobs. That was not a very fine moment for the MDP.)

And yet it is apparent that his business career has been based largely on outsourcing. For starters, Gianforte has said this himself.


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