Sandy Welch

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The Shoe Falls

A complaint was filed by a government watchdog organization against James Bopp, the architect of Citizens United  yesterday.  Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington filed a whistleblowers complaint against Bopp and his organization, the “James Madison Center for Free Speech.” The complaint alleges he diverted nearly all of the…


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If at First You Don’t Succeed

If at first you don’t succeed, claim the rules don’t apply to you. That’s what the Montana Republican Party tried to do this week.  The party which formerly claimed to stand for fiscal responsibility had hoped to force taxpayers to cough up the cash for…

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Something Fishy

Why is Republican legislative candidate Liz Bangerter is using her campaign account to make donations in her husbands name? Don Pogreba at Intelligent Discontent recently took a look into Bangerter’s campaign finace report and found some irregularities.  Bangerter’s report shows her campaign giving $620 to…

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Education Debate Recap

Tonight, the candidates for Montana’s chief state school official debated in Helena. The debate, which was broadcast live on the Northern Broadcasting Network, was a clear win for Denise Juneau. The candidates differed on many issues: notably, using your tax dollars to subsidize private schools….

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Next Debate Tuesday in Helena

Montana’s superintendent of public instruction Denise Juneau (D) and challenger Sandy Welch (R-TEA) will debate here in Helena on Tuesday Sept. 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the Gateway Center. Welch has been aptly called “the Derek Skees of education” (the comparison extends to spelling errors)…

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Statewide Candidates Reveal Finances

The statewide candidates turned in their fundraising numbers today.   Here are a few items of interest: The Governor’s race: Steve Bullock raised twice as much as Rick Hill during the latest reporting period ($100,000 for Bullock to $54,000 for Hill).  Bullock also has a…