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Featured Guest At Right Wing Conference in Missoula in 2010  is Arrested in Alaska for Plotting to Kill Judges and Police Officers

A Major US Militia figure who was a featured guest at a right-wing conference last May, attended by a number of now-elected GOP tea party legislative candidates, has been arrested in a major plot in Alaska. Read more here.

The “Liberty Convention 2010” was a nest for white supremacists, racists, anti-Semites and militia figures, as well as just plain-old right wing nutjobs.  There were one or two buried articles in the Missoulian.  The Cowgirl Blog reported on it at the time, and suggested that the media should inquire further as to who, among GOP politicians in this state, was in attendance.

Only the Flathead Beacon seemed interested in looking into the matter. They interviewed Derek Skees, R-Whitefish Kalispell, and he said that yes, he attended the conference, but essentially that “he wasn’t aware that any extremists would be there“ or aware of the speakers views, event though people like Chuck Baldwin, Shaffer Cox, Red Beckman were on the program, and even though Skees’ own campaign treasurer was one of the main sponsors of the event.

Perhaps Frank Miele of the Inter Lake cares to come on this blog and comment as to the extent of his coverage of this matter.

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